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TIME – The Last Frontier

Time, the last frontier, is finally being seriously questioned with proposed “new life”, “new view” perspectives.

Time, (with its sidekick Space), our contemporary perceptual obstacle to the future of physics, advanced energy systems, to sustainable evolving LIFE itself,  is now being questioned at the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics by theoretical physicist Lee Smolin.

Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe [Lee Smolin, Henry Reich]


Smolin asserts that overturning the existing orthodoxy is the best hope for finding solutions to contemporary physics problems, such as bringing gravity into line with the rest of the currently accepted models, the nature of the quantum world and its unification with spacetime and cosmology

 Did Lee Smolin read StarSteps? ……….Not yet, but is approaching the same conclusions.



Taking the extremely limited contemporary concept of time and space’s role from the E=MC2 biography, we can easily note the obvious and serious flaws keeping E=MC2 stuck in radioactive fission and fusion. …….. in spite of the rumored tests done in the 1940s on Einstein’s incomplete – but testable 1928 Unified Field Theory.


David Bodanis’s analogy of our understanding the effects resulting with approaching the speed of light, the quantity C:  (page 81) “As the cars hurried by (approaching light speed), we’d not only see them as getting more massive, changing size, we’d also notice that time seemed to be slowing down inside of them. These effects are summarized in relativity by saying that when someone watches an object recede away from them, the object will be seen to undergo mass dilation, length changes, and time dilation. The bystanders will see it in the car; the driver of the car, looking back, will see it in the bystanders.

The Radius of Curvature of All Natural Law


A much clearer and expanded definition of time can be obtained here StarSteps (StarSteps 3, chapter six), which presents to us the unique position from which we can, from a single point in time, observe ourselves occupying three rather widely separated positions in space. 

Those that can handle cognitive dissonance and take the time to read StarSteps’ fresh view of time will find (but for some substitution consistencies in “common denominators”) that there is not so much wrong with the math, as it is in the shallow interpretations of the math.




 A macro journey through space, time, mass, matter, energy, & fields

MATHEMATICAL ERROR OR EYESIGHT LIMITATION: The theory of relativity does not say that man cannot travel faster than the speed of light, it merely says that no one on earth will be able to see him do it.

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The Quantity C vs. Gods Thoughts On The God Particle – Fundamental Existence Basics

As we look at our quaint, and stagnant evolutionary energy trends, along with the emerging ($ funded and supported) scientific leaders in NON-ADVANCED (pun intended) energy systems, we might do well to step back and re-evaluate where we are headed, and what, perhaps, did we miss in Physics’ standard model, supposedly the  foundation upon which we exist.

As the article on the God Particle below suggests, “it is inescapable that two worldviews, one scientific and technical, the other human and experiential, must either collide or converge”.

But more than that, are we not ignoring some of the most basic and fundamental relationship concepts in the matter-energy-space-time-field realms long since discovered and unapplied?

Such as ….Matter-energy-space-time-field relationships precisely determined by the degree of curvature of the Quantity C radius which exist between any two reference points. The Quantity C representing the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law, more appropriately defined as “the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter”. 

E-mc2-Bodanis-DavidAn impressive and historical view of E=MC2 presented by David Bodanis presents the opportunity for questions:  E=mc²: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation by David Bodanis

The book begins with the separate and isolated recognitions of the conservation of mass, and the conservation of energy, “ all the mass there is – really were parts of a single connected whole, and vice versa, “all the energy there is – really were parts of a single connected whole, each magically balanced, with nothing connecting the two realms. Then along came Einstein with his E=mc2, showing how the two realms were one, leading to many of the crude and elementary tunnels/connections to each, such as a high speed neutron will not split the uranium atom, but has to be slowed down to thermal velocity so it can settle into the nucleus. Elementary connective observations were also made in astrophysics, for example, the dense core of a star is under a lot of pressure, and pressure is also a form of energy, and energy is another sort of mass…….

But where are the rest of the relationships of matter-energy-space-time-field realms and their common denominators of frequency and vibration?


We know the natural laws are not absolute, but relative. That is, the size and shape of the curve of one law is dependent upon the value and position of the others.

We have seen that the nucleus of the atom of uranium 235 dips below the zero line with the addition of only one mass unit, making a total of 236, yet the nucleus of the atom of uranium 238, although close to the zero line is still on the positive side of the curve because of the fact that the shape of the gravitational curve is modified not only by the mass present but also by the number and position of the electrical charges.


When we state that the quantity C is the radius of the curvature of natural law, we mean simply that if a differential of energy equal to this quantity exists between the observer and the point which he is observing, the natural laws will be suspended. If the energy differential is in excess of the quantity C, the laws will appear to operate in reverse at that point. Read More StarSteps

Further explorations into the elementary basics of the quantity C, would clarify and complete Einstein’s 1928 unified field theory, putting the God Particle, strings theories, and theories of everything in their respective place.

What Would God Think of the God Particle? – Part 1!    As Rolf-Dieter Heuer, director of the LHC project, stated in a 2011 talk, “The Higgs is neither matter nor force. The Higgs is just different.” We won’t go into the differences here, except to say that there is reason to assume that the Higgs isn’t one of a kind but the opening wedge to an entire class of so-called scalar particles. One optimistic view of the results observed so far holds that the discovery will lead to new developments in particle physics. These would open up a finer level of the quantum domain and thus bring physics closer to its holy grail, a Theory of Everything, a grandiose-sounding, particle-based view of the cosmos.
The more pessimistic overview,( but as its proponents claim more realistic,) states that the LHC results have not given any evidence of the existence of other particles that would be needed to continue our understanding of the physics beyond the Higgs, to what is expected to be the next theoretical development, dubbed supersymmetry. As such, there’s a major snag in attempts to ultimately develop a Theory of Everything. Even leaving arguments related to theories of physics aside, such a theory, as envisaged, doesn’t say anything and in fact cannot say anything about life, evolution and the phenomena of mind and awareness. It is not even clear how gravity, the last of the four forces of nature described by general relativity, will fit into the Standard Model – at this point, a great deal of current theory, including the widely touted superstring theory, is interesting speculation.

It is inescapable that two worldviews, one scientific and technical, the other human and experiential, must either collide or converge. That is, the universe must make room for how human beings evolved in order to investigate the creation that gave rise to us. Any Theory of Everything that leaves the human dimension out – as particle physics tries overwhelmingly to do – cannot reach its goal. The Higgs boson, as viewed from the world we all experience every day, isn’t simply arcane. It leads toward a collision of worldviews rather than a convergence.

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Scientists freeze light for an entire minute

America The Possible

Gus Speth talks about the New Economy from Gus Speth on Vimeo.



We have the Physics – The Radius of Curvature

12   3

We do not have to continue to perpetuate crimes against humanity with lethal disconnected economic  systems:

Structural violence refers to systematic ways in which social structures harm or otherwise disadvantage individuals. Structural violence is subtle, often invisible, and often has no one specific person who can (or will) be held responsible (in
contrast to behavioral violence).  Today, about 21,000 children died around the world
In an age of unprecedented scientific and technological capacity, with Earth population exploding with needs and desires, the economy should be breaking through the seams at light speed through every known record of PROSPERIETY. What is strangling it?  Who will count the billions upon billions of untimely dead these last 60 years in an AGE OF MODERN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: caused by poverty, starvation, pollution, medical-food-water-sanitation deficiencies – directly connected to the short and shallow sighted economic model and deficient energy science model?


We have the technology







Large KDP crystal grown in two months for NIF. (legend: …the maximum amount of energy that can be generated or transmitted by a crystal is limited only by its size and by the material of which it is composed. Because of the precise lattice like structure of the crystal its energy output can be controlled and directed in a very precise manner..)  Read More:

Light completely stopped for a record-breaking minute

09:00 25 July 2013 by Jacob Aron
The fastest thing in the universe has come to a complete stop for a record-breaking minute. At full pelt, light would travel about 18 million kilometres in that time – that’s more than 20 round trips to the moon.
“One minute is extremely, extremely long,” says Thomas Krauss at the University of St Andrews, UK. “This is indeed a major milestone.”  The feat could allow secure quantum communications to work over long distances.

While light normally travels at just under 300 million metres per second in a vacuum, physicists managed to slow it down to just 17 metres per second in 1999 and then halt it completely two years later, though only for a fraction of a second. Earlier this year, researchers kept it still for 16 seconds using cold atomsFor this particular experiment, researcher Georg Heinze and his team converted light coherence into atomic coherences. They did so by using a quantum interference effect that makes an opaque medium — in this case a crystal –Read More:

Scientists freeze light for an entire minute

In what could prove to be a major breakthrough in quantum memory storage and information processing, German researchers have frozen the fastest thing in the universe: light. Read  More: 


We can choose now:


“We have the technology to take ET home, anything you can imagine we already have the technology to do, but these technologies are locked up in black budget projects. It would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity” – Ben Rich, Fmr CEO of LockHeed  Skunk Works


The World We Envision – Clean, safe, abundant, inexpensive energy for all… stabilized climate… clean and healthy water, food, and air for all… beautiful blue skies over our cities… low-impact, sustainable forestry and agriculture… beautiful landscapes unspoiled by wires and smokestacks… recycling of virtually all wastes… rivers running free and natural… thriving sustainable local economies… living standards and education rates increasing… birth rates declining… a global culture of sharing… unleashed human creativity… a new and lasting era of world peace… With a revolution in energy as the foundation of renewed and loving stewardship of our planet, we can transform our world into a beautiful and healthy home full of promise, opportunity, abundance, and peace for all of humanity. New EnergyMovement

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Regards Government Shutdown: This is Fun!

Republican lawmaker ends government shutdown interview by saying ‘this is my idea of fun’ (via Raw Story )

As 800,000 federal employees were set to be furloughed due to a government shutdown on Tuesday, a Republican lawmaker with a net worth of around $6 million was positively cheerful about the situation, telling NPR that it was his “idea of fun.” Following

Following an impasse that resulted in Republicans failing at both delaying President Barack Obama’s health care reform law and stopping a government shutdown, Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) insisted to NPR that the GOP had used the right tactics.

“It’s been fascinating because in some ways we had to go through — I don’t want to refer to it as dance — but this process for a lot of the American people to actually start to tune in and understand what we were talking about and where the concerns were and where we thought — actually, the way the health care law was written is damaging the economy and creating sort of a part-time kind of America,” he declared.

Schweikert asserted that using a government shutdown to try to stop a law was “nothing new.” .…………….Continue reading

A modern version of “if you do not have any bread, eat cake!”