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Corporatism’s, Capitalism’s Benefits, All But Destroyed by a Stagnant System Turned Lethal

Teaching Wisdom

Confidential Charter School Memo Blasted as ‘Outline for a Hostile Takeover’  Critic says billionaire’s plan to “charterize” Los Angeles public schools is “a ham-handed effort to circumvent democracy in a major American city.” By Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Peter Greene, writing at his Curmudgucation blog on Tuesday, the plan reads as “forty-four pages of How To Completely Circumvent the Public School System For Fun and Profit.” “This is not just about educational quality (or lack thereof), or just about how to turn education into a cash cow for a few high rollers —this is about a ham-handed effort to circumvent democracy in a major American city,” Greene continued. “There’s nothing in this plan about listening to the parents or community—only about what is going to be done to them by men with power and money.”

Controversial drug company CEO was once sued for harassment  The board of directors of Retrophin, Shkreli’s first drug company which he founded in 2011, kicked him out and filed suit in August for $65 million. He is alleged to have “used his control over Retrophin to enrich himself” and to pay back investors in his hedge fund, who lost millions in a bad investment. An earlier lawsuit brought by a former Retrophin employee, Timothy Perotti, accused Shkreli of harassing his family. Court documents include a message Shkreli sent to Perotti’s wife: “I hope to see you and your four children homeless and will do whatever I can to assure this.”

Pharma Bro Is the Face of U.S. Health Care
Martin Shkreli is a symptom of a dangerous system. “A new breed of greedy CEOs is taking advantage of the rules of capitalism to make a killing,”

The Summary, The Blockage, The Solution


5 Grand Illusions That Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix – See more at:

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An uncanny perception and prediction from days of old: Antichrist

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli defends 5,000 percent price hike on Daraprim

“likened to ‘caveman living’ back in the jungle, with wild, man-eating animals (corporate) attacking”

CORPORATION: The uncanny similarity to the fabled-religious meaning/definition of a cloaked ‘ANTICHRIST’- a nonliving entity given personhood, “corporation”, when defined by cumulative outcomes (for or against life), mirrors an eerily precise imitation of the old fable. 

Just the facts only: Weighing the cumulative outcomes (effects) of Cause: benefits vs threats – the side with (sustained) less than 50% loses. IF THREATS ARE THE GREATER OUTCOME, LIFE LOSES.

“not excessive at all” (SOP)….. the average cost of treatment for patients rose from about $1,130 to $63,000. For certain patients, the cost can go as high as $634,000. No expensive research was required. Instant ‘trillionaire’ ……………..”likened to ‘caveman living’ back in the jungle, with wild man-eating animals (corporate) attacking. The uncanny similarity to the fabled-religious meaning/definition of a cloaked ‘ANTICHRIST’, a nonliving entity given personhood, “corporation”, is becoming exceedingly clear, revealed in 21st century language, behavior exemplification and cumulative outcomes detrimental to LIFE..

Turing Pharmaceuticals got control of a crucial infection treatment drug called Daraprim in August, and immediately raised the price from $13.50 to $750
Pope 6-18-15

Pope: Earth has turned into an “immense pile of filth


Though it perpetuates the idea that economic growth is the master to whom all should bow, the new research—conducted by the IMF’s own economists and submitted under the title Causes and Consequences of Inequality (pdf)—argues that many of the policies promoted by the IMF have actually harmed nations by exacerbating widespread economic inequality….. more

DUH!   For most workers, real wages have barely budged for decades – Pew Research

 MORE THANanal e209f-dragtailcomboCorp toilet training

The curious incident of the $44,000 prescription

The “eye popping” cost of cancer drugs – $100,000.00 PER PILL

Out-of-network hospital care lands woman $300K bill

Questcor Finds Profits, at $28,000 a Vial  December 29, 2012  The doctor was dumbfounded: a drug that used to cost $50 was now selling for $28,000 for a 5-milliliter vial.


The New Gold Rush Era


“Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth”


“We Honestly Have No Fucking Idea What We’re Doing”, Admits Leading Quantum Physicist |…  We must clear our minds of the thought block produced by the assumption that the quantity C is a factor of absolute limit. We must realize that it is a limiting factor only with respect to two given reference points, and that it is perfectly possible to conceive of a series of consecutive reference points between each two of which a differential equal to the quantity C may exist. energyeconomicresolution

It appears that the whole-scale aversion to Zero Point Energy, a realm of no space or time, lies with the fact that it treads upon the spiritual, metaphysical domain, the third leg on the scientific tripod of reality, governed by the same laws, as above so below (i.e., tripod: physical, mental, spiritual).

Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law:

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Ripples of cause and effect

What’s up with money and the markets? And how can you possibly prepare for what’s to come? Check out this user-friendly guide.
“Pump and dump” is a form of fraud that involves artificially inflating the price of an owned stock through false and misleading positive statements, in order to sell the cheaply purchased stock at a higher price. Once the operators of the scheme “dump” sell their overvalued shares, the price falls and all but the initial investors lose their money.
“Pump and dump” is making money on creating and bursting financial bubbles. According to my research, this practice is not only legal, it’s rampant. And this manipulation is not just happening with stocks, it’s going on in all kinds of markets, including with currencies themselves. Meanwhile, the economic sleight of hand reels in vast numbers of believers, risking their retirement funds, their homes, and their lives.
LET THE FUTURE IN – vacuum tunnels transportation for worms, or swinging vines into space for monkeys is not much of a future  Exploring Energy Evolution

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Exploding World Population of NO NEED minimalists – working slaves living with next to nothing

Continued exponential explosion in population growth, as global turmoil rocks markets, and business leaders’ outlooks and hiring plans down sharply. How could there continue to be such a drastic, impossibly berserk contrast between ‘markets’ and ‘population’ in modern times?

The only sane explanation seems to be, people want to eat less and less, while drastically cutting down on survival needs (hygiene, toiletries, ect) with 99% suppression of wants, desires, or luxury items………..“but this totally does not make sense. What other explanation could there be?”  

Could the cause be an economic structural design similar to Al Capone’s gambling joint?


“‘Imperial rulers, whether kings or corporate robots, depend on the obedience of the ruled. Their seemingly invincible power is an illusion. They hold only the power that we the people yield to them. When we walk away from our corporate masters to rebuild our lives and communities, we reclaim for communities and ourselves the fruits of our labor, ingenuity, resources, and vision.”  David Korten

Managing the scales of power and control – the people’s choice – always has been a life or death decision – here, one’s ‘need to know’ becomes fundamental to freedom of choice, and ultimately freedom itself.


America’s CEOs are getting gloomier

MoneyWatch News, Headlines and Video – CBS News

With global turmoil rocking markets, business leaders’ outlooks are down sharply, along with their hiring plans

Most workers are making less than they did 5 years ago

CNBC ….and far, far less than their parents, inflation adjusted
MoneyWatch News, Headlines and Video – CBS News
The number of families in the U.S. living on less than $2 a day — yes, $2 — has more than doubled since 1996

CBS News – Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
A new study provides some evidence, and it points to years of falling wages, especially for workers at the bottom. “McKenna is the co-author of ”Occupational Wage Declines Since the Great Recession,” which found that when increases in the cost of living since the recession ended in 2009 are factored in, wages have actually declined for most occupations. The report also noted that this trend is decades old.
Microsoft on Thursday said it was buying a startup that specializes in analyzing email, meeting schedules and other work data to increase people’s efficiency on the job. … more
One must ask, who makes the funding choices of science research direction – what to choose, what to suppress or delay, what to fund, and what not to fund? Secondly, what do the SHEEPLE people want? All the above (representing an ongoing trend decades old)? 
or this?
This        or        This?