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Before the Flood – Full Movie | National Geographic

As the facts surge non-stop to the surface from the muddied waters of profit and self-interest (AKA Winston tastes good like a cigarette should) and the dead and destruction are tallied, weighed, and conclusively linked to first cause – might that mandate an extension to the definition of terrorism?  Is business pro-life or against-life? The composit, directly linked, short and long term outcomes, tells the tale of proof. No regulations required, only penalties to fit the crime against life and health, by the business non-entity granted personhood, along side with its decision making associates and accomplices.

National Geographic presents an historical overview, unclouded, with inclusion of the ” Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” business phases.


Before the Flood – Full Movie | National Geographic 

A simple read into basic 4th grade science below would dispel all induced lies, ommisions, disinformation and “look yonder”disconnected scientific facts, as well as reveal how a 3D version of E=mc2 has been successfully kept in 2D ‘flatland’ representing THE major crime against humanity.


Exploring Energy Evolution    

The far more fundamental and simpler definitions of space time mass matter energy gravity become mandatory: