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Runs on Saltwater – Quiet at 217 mph

Runs on saltwater ……

Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval – Yes, It’s Real

on 6 September, 2014 at 05:51 

2014 QUANT E-Sportlimousine

If ever there were a vehicle to arise from left field, the Quant e-Sportlimousine.

Digging in the archives reveals the car’s origins starting in 2003 as the brainchild of the La Vecchia brothers. Several prototypes were built, including one that was seen at theGeneva Motor Show back in 2010, but success hadn’t been ultimately achieved. That is, perhaps, until now.

Staring a proprietary battery-powered drivetrain, the e-Sportlimousine makes its debut at the 2014 Geneva show with the intent of revolutionizing the industry. It sounds easier than it likely is, but upon inspection of its nanoFLOWCELL powerplant, it just might have a shot. It’s a 912-horsepower electric car….. more

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The Geometry of Form, the Connectivity of Space, and the Properties of Spin

Repost from Exploring Energy Evolution

To attain the application possibilities of the left photo (that some almost have in the right photo)

Addressing the following qualities of light upon space time mass matter energy gravity is required

  • If a differential of energy equal to the quantity C exists between the observer and the point which he is observing, the natural laws will be suspended. If the energy differential is in excess of the quantity C, the laws will appear to operate in reverse at that point.  
  • The quantity C (velocity of light) is the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter
  • The quantity C (velocity of light), the radius of curvature of all natural law, is the pivotal point upon which the natural laws become manifest
  • The Geometry of Form, the Connectivity of Space, and the Properties of Spin, have to converge to the one sine wave spectrum whose radius is the quantity C, for eventual comprehension and subsequent application.

More Geometry of Form, the Connectivity of Space, and the Properties of Spin,

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New Fed report finds that only the rich are thriving

A new comprehensive report by the Federal Reserve finds that most Americans’ incomes have fallen since 2007, and the recovery hasn’t brought them back.

This post comes from Marilyn Lewis at partner site Money Talks News.

Money Talks News on MSN MoneyThe verdict is in on the economic recovery, and it’s what you may have suspected: The only Americans who have really recovered are wealthy ones.

Businessman with cigar © Juice Images , SuperStockThe majority of U.S. families could not even handle an unanticipated expense as small as $400, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says a new Federal Reserve survey has revealed. Those families would need to sell something, borrow or not pay, she said.

Financial crisis looming for many families

“For many lower-income families without assets, the definition of a financial crisis is a month or two without a paycheck, or the advent of a sudden illness or some other unexpected expense,” Yellen said, speaking to the Corporation for Enterprise Development, a nonprofit organization whose goal is financial independence for lower-income families.

She described more findings from the Fed’s Survey of Consumer Finances, a major study done every three years. This year’s study is called “Changes in U.S. Family Finances from 2010 to 2013: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances” (.pdf file). Among the findings:

  • The median net worth of the bottom 20 percent of U.S. households, some 25 million households in the lowest income bracket, was just $6,400. The median is the point in the middle for the group; half had a net worth that was higher, and half were lower.
  • Many of those families had no savings at all. For some, their debts exceeded assets.
  • The families in the bottom 40 percent in income had lost household wealth since 2010. “One reason is that income has continued to fall for these families,” she said……more

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Billionaires are hoarding piles of cash

A new study finds members of this global elite are stashing an average $600 million each — 10 times more than a year ago.

By Robert Frank for CNBC

Billionaires are holding mountains of cash, offering the latest sign that the ultra-wealthy are nervous about putting more money into today’s markets.   According to the new Billionaire CensusCNBC on MSN Money from Wealth-X and UBS, the world’s billionaires are holding an average of $600 million in cash each — greater than the gross domestic profit of Dominica. That marks a jump of $60 million from a year ago and translates into billionaires’ holding an average of 19 percent of their net worth in cash.

“This increased liquidity signals that many billionaires are keeping their money on the sidelines and waiting for the optimal moment to make further investments,” the study said. ….more

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The largest worker cooperative in Maine

Workers in Maine Buy Out Their Jobs, Set an Example for the Nation

Saturday, 13 September 2014 10:25By Rob Brown, Noemi Giszpenc and Brian Van Slyke, Truthout | Op-Ed

2014 913 coop st

On remote Deer Isle, Maine, the movement for a more just and democratic economy won a major victory this summer. More than 60 employees of three retail businesses – Burnt Cove Market, V&S Variety and Pharmacy, and The Galley – banded together to buy the stores and create the largest worker cooperative in Maine and the second largest in New England.   more

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Warming Hoax: A way to spot a lie

A way to spot a lie (without tons of money and tons of time, and tons of math specialists – like the ones that created runaway derivatives, credit default swaps (CDS) and global economic collapse ) – always see the bigger picture.

Imagine a ploy insinuating that seven billion people can do whatever they like, and have no effect upon a precisely balanced, living system…………………..Anyone believing that, have I got loads of prime southern swampland for sale.

Ice cream causes drownings: Wind Causing Temperature Rise

Global Warming Hoax, Conspiracy – has a long history – also giving proof of after-life – each time the lie is exposed and destroyed, it keeps resurfacing with newly invested green blood, pouring out skewed and partial data, which is correct within a limited viewpoint range, (like the earth is confirmed flat when your nose touches the ground), but not the full story, not full scale reality.