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What would a World View be without a God Particle!

What would a World View be without a God Particle!

god particle

 As we recall, the three distinct cosmologies which had their influence in shaping the Western worldview, two were familiar, the third—and most relevant to the task at hand—had ancient roots, and may in one form or another be the most widely held….yet for some strange reason, it has virtually no public presence. 

  • The cosmos is created and ruled by a Distant Patriarch 
  • The cosmos is a Grand Machine
  • The cosmos is a manifestation of Integral Spirit 

Assessing world views is not an exercise in futility. World views shape our future. “All the good, the bad, the ugly” are world view dependent, including the most awesome possibilities or the most extreme, debilitating, limitations for both self and community. (It must be noted here, self and community cannot be disconnected, they are totally entangled, irregardless of your current world view).

In the Grand Machine world view, the “god particle” now becomes a prophet of doom, foretelling of the end of the universe.

Let us see if we can bring some semblance of optimism to this dead-end “grand machine” world view which is now confirming the Higgs boson (god particle) as a prophet of doom ; and perhaps also we can  provide some public presence to the most widely held world view “manifestation of integral spirit”, where the created become the creator at the end of time, and a new cycle commences. It will soon be noted, that what the Higgs boson confirms and demonstrates, is in isolation, a partial picture, akin to physics seeing only one half of reality to date.

Rest assured, the other half is coming soon, as continued advances in science can only reveal Reality, especially the missing elements. Any major progress physics makes heretofore, will only reveal the same matter/energy continuum, the same matter/energy curve it shares with metaphysics, as Aristotle, who authored the two books, physics and metaphysics implied. Science starts at the matter end of the curve, and metaphysics starts at the energy end of the curve. In between is Light, the constant C, the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter.  With the ROC, radius of curvature (constant C), as the scientific, mathematical mediator, we find the same laws running through physics and metaphysics, matter to energy, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. The current, self-imposed limits in our world view, with their destructive consequences to earth and life, will dissolve, revealing unfathomable future potential and prosperity.

  • The cosmos is a Grand Machine says:

The End Of The Universe, The Higgs And All The ‘Ifs’   As if calling the Higgs particle “the God particle” didn’t cause enough confusion and misinformation, here we go again, with the Higgs hitting the spotlight once more, but now as prophet of doom. Why the Higgs boson ‘God particle’ matters. First theorized 50 years ago, Higgs boson explains why particles have mass

  • The cosmos is a manifestation of Integral Spirit says:

No One-Way Universe Involution-Evolution, Gravitation-Radiation, Inbreath-Outbreath, When the created become the creator – a new round begins

The fundamental cosmogony of the then-accepted science, which so amazed me, was what might be termed a transient, discontinuous, unbalanced, on-way universe, which had a beginning eons ago, by the unexplained and unexplainable formation of a tremendous flaming mass of heat, which is slowly radiating away by splitting into smaller masses, which expand within themselves and from each other until they eventually end in heat death.
Out of this unnatural theory came the first and second laws of thermodynamics that have no validity whatsoever, for the premise that heat is energy, upon which they are founded has no validity. The resultant one-way universe allowed for no compensating generation to counterbalance its radiation, despite the accepted law of equal and opposite action and reaction. “Energy cannot run up hill,” science says, “it can only run down hill.” It so happens in God’s plan that energy runs neither up nor down hill.

 Walter Russel The Secret of Light illuminates the many questions regarding the nature of “science and consciousness.” Dr. Francis Trevelyan Miller (LITT.D., LL.D.), Historical Foundations, New York, wrote in 1947 of The Secret of Light,

“I hasten to congratulate you on your epoch-making achievement in giving the world The Secret of Light. In this little volume, with its tremendous magnitude of thought, you have given Science and human knowledge a rebirth—a transmigration from its physical plane to its potential grandeur on the cosmic plane.” “You have opened the door into the infinite—science must enter. It may hesitate; it may engage in controversy, but it cannot afford to ignore the principles you have established which eventually will revolutionize man’s concept of himself, his world, his universe, and his human problems.”

In TheosophyAnthroposophy and Rosicrucianism, involution and evolution are part of a complex sequence of cosmic cycles, called Round. When the universe attains a stage of sufficient density, the individual spirit is able to descend and participate in the evolution. Involution thus refers to the incarnation of spirit in an already established matter, the necessary prerequiste of evolution

Troward1 Troward2  The Law of Reciprocity, therefore, demands a similar, self-sustained motion in the material correspondence and mathematical considerations show that the only sort of motion which can  sustain a self-supporting body moving in vacuo [in a vacuum, without support] is a rotary motion bringing the body itself into a spherical form. Now this is exactly what we find at both extremes of the material world. At the big end are the spheres of the planets rotating on their axes and revolving round the sun [and all the stars and planetary systems rotating around the center-point of the galaxy]; and at the little end are the spheres of the atoms consisting of particles which, modern science tells us, in like manner rotate round a common center at distances which are astronomical as compared with their own mass. Thus the two ultimate units of physical manifestation, the atom and the galaxy both follow the same law of self-sustained motion which we have found that, on a priori grounds, [i.e., established by reason and not factual proof] they must in order to express the primary activity of Spirit. And we may note in passing that this rotary or absolute motion is the combination of the only two possible relative modes of motion, namely, motion from a point and motion to it—that is to say centrifugal and centripetal motion. Thus, in rotary or absolute motion, we find that both the polarities of motion are included, thereby repeating on the purely mechanical side the primordial principle of the Unity including the Duality in itself.

Consciousness : Devolution, Involution and Evolution Explained by Sri Aurobindo

 “In the beginning, it is said, was the Eternal, the Infinite, the One. In the middle, it is said, is the finite, the transient, the Many. In the end, it is said, shall be the One, the Infinite, the Eternal. For when was the beginning? At no moment in Time, for the beginning is at every moment; the beginning always was, always is and always shall be. The divine beginning is before Time, in Time and beyond Time for ever. The Eternal, Infinite and One is an endless beginning. And where is the middle? There is no middle; for there is only the junction of the perpetual end and the eternal beginning; it is the sign of a creation which is new at every moment. The creation was for ever, is for ever, shall be for ever. The Eternal, Infinite and One is the magical middle-term of his own existence; it is he that is the beginningless and endless creation. And when is the end? There is no end. At no conceivable moment can there be a cessation. For all end of things is the beginning of new things which are still the same One in an ever developing and ever recurring figure. Nothing can be destroyed, for all is He who is forever. The Eternal, Infinite and One is the unimaginable end that is never closing upon new interminable vistas of his glory.”

It may very well be a musical universe

Exploring quantum and spiritual commonalities

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The “Science Board” has spoken. “After due diligence, including a survey of published scientific research and recommendations from our Science Board and our community, we have decided that Graham Hancock’s and Rupert Sheldrake’s talks from TEDxWhiteChapel should be removed from distribution on the TEDx YouTube channel.”

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