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World View 212: Unfathomable Technological Potential

World View 212: Unfathomable Technological Potential

As cars replaced the horse and buggy, so too, our concept of energy fundamentals must expand

reprinted with permission from http://evolution-intelligentdesign-survival.blogspot

a far more startling discovery about evolving energy systems necessary for sustainable Human survival, is that advanced energy concepts lead toward the conscious awareness of the predominance of our Spiritual Nature, linking the Spectrum between the science of Physics and the science of Metaphysics, the Roots of all religions”

Unfathomable Technological Potential

The huge ignorance gap in science ….  between “Let there be light”, to an expanded comprehension of E=MC2, where “Light” is the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter, the Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law, which can demonstrate the significance of Zero Point with unfathomable technological potential, …… now threatens a majority of the human race

advanced transportation


Previous post on Freedom Times reflects on The Energy Solution Revolution by Dr. Brian O’Leary: “A socio-political journey through the tangled world of free and clean energy, its promise, its suppression, and its absolute necessity for our survival, a recommended read for sustained Healthy and Prosperous Evolution

I do believe this statement embraces the full scope of the “Stars & Stripes concept” :

No Body Of Men Has The Right To Deny The Technological Evolution Of Mankind

Freedom Informant Network

Uprising: 2012.  WATCH and SHARE this video! *(MUST SEE!)*





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World View 209: Reality Check Ahead

World View 209: Reality Check Ahead

As cars replaced the horse and buggy, so too, our concept of energy fundamentals must expand

What is your vision for the future?


Looking Beyond The Illusion

As world events develop before our eyes more and more of us are asking… ‘What on earth is really going on?’

What does New Energy promise the future?

Another physicist speaks out
·      The restoration of balance to the Ecology
·      The freedom to pursue expansive economic development without marginalizing people or denuding culture
·       Political stability and the hope of true world peace
·       Radical clarification of theoretical physics leading to a new era of innovation and social advancement
·       Psychological and spiritual renaissance

The George Washington University’s Planet Forward: The Promise of Energy for Everyone Video

Greater Awareness TV 

Thomas Campbell author of My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything) is a qualified & very experienced nuclear physicist, and an expert on consciousness. His work is no small read bearing in mind it literally covers EVERYTHING. It is however written in a way that allows the reader to process the information at different levels of understanding based on their willingness, and ability to absorb new information whilst putting on hold their current beliefs.
David Korten (BK Currents Panel) What is Your Vision for the Future
The contemporary, tiny E=MC2 box of understanding no longer fits in our 21st century science and will continue to promote more and more conservation, limitation, with lethal and unbalanced biological and ecological system reactions, as our world population exponentially explodes in numbers.
Limitation and Conservation of the infinite defies common sense, intelligence, wisdom and understanding.
My vision and vote would be for a science and economy FOR LIFE, which currently is not on the political/corporate EBITDA agenda.
What is your vision for the future?

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World View 202: Levitating Cars, fake or not, WHY NOT?

World View 202: Levitating Cars, fake or not, WHY NOT?

As cars replaced the horse and buggy, so too, our concept of energy fundamentals must expand

Reprinted with  permission from Freedom Times
Fake or not, levitating cars have been technologically feasible since the early 1940’s. 

 Levitating Cars, fake or not, WHY NOT?

Why Still Not? Why don’t we have progress in Energy Concepts?   Why do so many Americans state with despondency, “(our masters-unspoken/understood) such as big oil, would never allow levitating cars”.  

In a free country, unlike a fascist system where Corporate Power is Protected, where industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite….. in a free country, threats and obstructions to sustainable life, energy evolution, and survival itself, should not be an issue.

With the expanded science concepts of E=MC2 in the 40’s, which demonstrated unlimited possibilities to enhance the quality and evolutionary nature of life, came the wisdom that limitations, “Resource Wars”, have no valid reason for continued existence, and that the trillions upon trillions of dollars spent on killing and perfecting ways to kill, is totally against sustainable life and evolutionary progress. Much more so, against the grain of every religion and perennial philosophy known to Humankind.

With all the diminishing employed working toward the new corporate buzz word goal of increasing I.B.I.T.D.A. (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization), “increasingthe bottom line”, amassing the wealth of the few, obliterating the middle class, while economically squeezing the rest of humanity towards greater debt and austerity programs, or more bluntly, towards serfdom and unchained slavery,- WE REALLY SHOULD ASK, IS THIS MODERN 21ST CENTURY SCIENCE INACTION?
How to Liberate America from WallStreet Rule
In 2008, Wall Street plunged the U.S. econ­omy into the worst crisis since the Great Depression. Wall Street received a gener­ous public bailout and quickly recovered. Main Street continues to languish. Politi­cians and pundits rarely inquire into the rea­sons for the disparity. Doing so would expose the reality that the United States is ruled as a plutocracy, not a democracy, and would focus citizen anger on the structure of the institution­al system that gives Wall Street bankers their power. The 2008 financial crash was a direct and inevitable consequence of a social engineering experiment conducted by Wall Street interests that allowed Wall Street financial institutions to consolidate their control of the creation and al­location of money beyond the reach of public ac­countability. The priority of the money system shifted from funding real investment for building community wealth to funding financial games designed solely to enrich Wall Street without the burden of producing anything of real value. The proper function of money is to facilitate the sustainable and equitable utilization of re­sources to fulfill the needs of people, commu­nities, and nature. This calls for a community-based and democratically accountable system of money, banking, and finance that functions to create and allocate money as a well-regulated public utility. Such a system would be remarkably similar to the one that financed the United States’ victory in World War II, produced an unprecedented pe­riod of economic stability and prosperity, made America the world’s industrial powerhouse, and created the American middle class—a system that was working well until Wall Street launched its “financial modernization” experiment. Wall Street interests mobilized in the 1970s to advance a host of policy initiatives that led to the erosion of the middle class, an extreme con­centration of wealth, a costly financial collapse, high rates of unemployment, bankruptcy, and housing foreclosure, accelerating environmental systems failure, and the hollowing out of U.S. industrial, technological, and research capacity. Wall Street profited all along the way and declared its social engineering experiment a great success.
This report presents a six-part agenda for ending Wall Street’s disastrous experiment and creating a community-based, publicly account­able money and banking system responsive to the needs and opportunities of the United States in the 21st century.

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World View 201: Awakening the Dreamer

World View 101: Awakening the Dreamer

As cars replaced the horse and buggy, so too, our concept of energy fundamentals must expand

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream program

Requires the Understanding of Energy, The Science of Light, the expanded edition of E=MC2, comprising the Universal factor – The radius of Curvature of All Natural Law ……. whose definition, the Quantity C, equates to the properties of Light. Evolution can only proceed in the context of what  is real; distortion, suppression in the sciences create deadly barriers and Alice in Wonderland pseudo scenarios which cripple progress toward healthy, prosperous and sustainable Evolution

reprinted with permission from http://evolution-intelligentdesign-survival.blogspot

The Awakening Universe

The Awakening Universe

“The Universe Story”  This is an excerpt of a film written by Neal Rogin and Drew Dellinger. It is based on the book, “The Universe Story” by cultural historian Thomas Berry and Cosmologist Brian Swimme. The film was developed under the auspices of The Pachamama Alliance as a part of their Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream program. For more information on the film, take a look at the Awakening Universe web site.(Less)

On Dead Canaries and Flying Pigs Transforming the Dreamer Workshop

Dear friend: I am almost always reluctant to send out another message about the looming challenges and recurring bad news we face in trying to create a peaceful, sustainable and just future on Earth. This time it feels different because of the urgency of the situation, and a new opportunity we have to do something about it. My good friend and fellow “elder” Terry Tillman and I will be hosting a new educational experiment in social activism and transformational education here at Montesueños next month and we hope you can join us. Derrick Jensen, whose works you may have read, is a radical environmental author (e.g., “Endgame”) whose passion for nature I deeply resonate with. I agree with him that humanity has gone way too far in its short-sighted rampage, and we’ll need a paradigm shift away from the greed and violence that keeps us away from true sustainability. But we can’t get there if we collectively keep going in the direction we’re taking. Jensen clearly sees half the picture–the environmental mandate to change our ways. But because of our ignorance, the other half is more elusive yet very much achievable–how can we extricate ourselves from the mess some of us in power have created and begin a new system of governance and innovation? To those ends, I’ve recently co-founded the Global Innovation Alliance, which will be researching, developing and integrating truly sustainable technologies that could replace our dirty energy and other unsavory practices worldwide. I’ve also recently been appointed as U.N. director for Ecuador affairs in renewable energy, which will hopefully help us convert from oil here. From decades of study and experimenting, I’m convinced that socially responsible, economically viable and radically clean innovation will help us find the way out of our mess and soon. The only thing holding us back is our ignorance and apathy. We see the dead canaries everywhere–the oil spills, rampant pollution, climate change, deforestation, wars, etc. But if we only look up, we can also begin to see flying pigs coaxing us to look outside the box for our solutions. Ecuador is full of dead canaries–for example, the Chevron-Texaco oil spill in the Amazon which is bigger than the Exxon-Valdez spill, the leasing of oil and mining leases all over the rain forest, and the threats to Yasuni National Park, one of the the most pristine, bio diverse habitats for wildlife and indigenous nations. We also have some flying pigs here: a new Constitution that uniquely provides for the rights of nature and of the indigenous nations, and the invitation to the international community to match funds with Ecuador in terms of potential lost revenues to keep the oil in the ground in the Yasuni-ITT block. The unprecedented workshop Terry and I will be facilitating will educate, awaken and activate ourselves into being the true agents for change, a potential which is inside each of us. This isn’t just another workshop in personal growth. This time, after thirty years, Terry and I reunite to teach a one-of-a-kind motivating experience for us all. That’s why I hope you and/or your friends will consider coming here March 19-23 to take part in what should be both a wake-up-call and celebration of our individual and collective transformation. Terry’s (very compelling) read on this is posted on < > All the best,  Brian


World View 101: National Ignition Facility, Crystals

World View 101: National Ignition Facility, Crystals

As cars replaced the horse and buggy, so too, our concept of energy fundamentals must expand

National Ignition Facility, Crystals, Atlantis

The rise and fall of great, legendary civilizations fortell, there are potentially devastating, lethal dangers to their sustainability brought on by the suppression of knowledge, history, and the science of Energy.
Reprinted with permission from Freedom Times


Today, many scientists, pursuing various paths of scientific inquiry are mutually engaged in the attempt to re-discover and to exploit the advanced art and science of crystalology that was lost to the earthman during the last great collapse of science and civilization many thousands of years ago.Large KDP crystal grown in two months for NIF. (legend: …the maximum amount of energy that can be generated or transmitted by a crystal is limited only by its size and by the material of which it is composed. Because of the precise lattice like structure of the crystal its energy output can be controlled and directed in a very precise manner..)

The interior of the National Ignition Facility target chamber, which weighs one million pounds and measures 30 feet in diameterThe National Ignition Facility, a man-made machine designed to recreate the power source of stars. If all goes as planned, the facility’s 192 lasers — made of nearly 60 miles of mirrors and fiber optics, crystals and light amplifiers — will fire as one to smash a fleck of hydrogen fuel smaller than a match head. Compressed and heated to temperatures hotter than those of the Sun, the hydrogen atoms will fuse into helium, releasing bursts of thermonuclear energy.

missing in action, simple simon (4th grade level) science fundamentals of space time mass matter energy gravity

TIME: Many of the difficulties which we encounter in our attempt to understand the operation of the natural laws arise because of our severely restricted concept of the nature of time. Time follows the same curve of natural law which is apparent in the operation of all the basic factors of nature, and again the radius of that curvature is measured by the quantity C. Follow the example in StarSteps which puts us in a unique position from which we can, from a single point in time, observe ourselves occupying three rather widely separated positions in space.
SPACE: The degree of separation which exists between any two bodies is determined by the degree of curvature of the natural laws which exist between them. In making observations, of course, we must remember that, since the natural laws are relative, the mass of the body itself influences the degree of curvature

StarSteps• In short, the quantity C is the measure of the radius of curvature of natural law. It is the factor which will enable us to determine precisely the degree of change in the curvature of one law which will be brought about by a specified change in the application of the others. It is the factor which will eventually tell us how to place our transport vehicles in either the positive or negative portion of the gravitational curve with respect to the earth or any other planet which we may choose to visit.
• When we state that the quantity C is the radius of the curvature of natural law, we mean simply that if a differential of energy equal to this quantity exists between the observer and the point which he is observing, the natural laws will be suspended. If the energy differential is in excess of the quantity C, the laws will appear to operate in reverse at that point.
Crystal Fundamentals and History

It would seem therefore that the transportation device driven by the huge Atlantean Fire Crystals performs its function equally well whether the object on which it acts is in the air, upon the surface or beneath the sea”

My mentor’s 1970 Lecture that follows, incorporates two subjects, which at first glance, may seem to be far apart both in time and basic nature. However, both subjects have roots in antiquity. And as we shall see, the one becomes the only adequate and logical explanation of the other.


The science of metaphysics has always had a deep interest in, and respect for, the crystal, because of the many references in ancient language to its unique nature and remarkable properties. It has only been in the past few years, however, that the crystal has begun to find its rightful place in the progress of the more conventional sciences.The chemist of course, has always had a certain special interest in the crystal because it represents the only completely natural assembly of atoms or molecules, each one of which has settled exactly into its proper spot in the solid crystal from the saturated liquid in which the crystal grows. Thus the finished structure becomes one of great regularity and considerable beauty as most of our precious jewels and gem stones demonstrate.

It was not, however, until the scientist began to apply various forms of energy and forces to the crystal that its true importance began to be realized, although it is as yet far from being completely understood.

Because the crystal is a solid in which each particle is exactly in its natural place, it constitutes a matrix of precisely balanced forces and fields. Any application of force to the crystal will therefore result in the generation of energy, and conversely, any application of energy will result in the generation of force.

Our present day science is making many practical applications of these properties, such as in the crystal microphone in which the force of sound waves impinging upon the crystal cause it to generate an electrical potential; and in ultrasonic drills and vibrators where the application of high frequency electrical potential causes the crystal to generate mechanical displacement or force waves which are then transmitted to some other part of the system or to the surrounding medium.

The maximum amount of energy that can be generated or transmitted by a crystal is limited only by its size and by the material of which it is composed. Because of the precise lattice like structure of the crystal its energy output can be controlled and directed in a very precise manner.

For example, medical science is now producing laser beams so sharply focused that they can be used to cut into and remove portions of individual body cells, which are themselves so tiny as to be invisible except under a strong microscope.

Today, many scientists, pursuing various paths of scientific inquiry are mutually engaged in the attempt to re-discover and to exploit the advanced art and science of crystalology that was lost to the earthman during the last great collapse of science and civilization many thousands of years ago.

There is a possibility that these questing scientists could hasten considerably the achievement of their goal if they knew where to look and if it were possible to look there.

In the dusty archives of our most ancient historical records, it is recorded that beneath the left forepaw of the great Sphinx at Giza in Egypt, there is a sealed compartment in which have been stored whole volumes of the scientific records of the past, together with the samples of scale models of many of its devices and artifacts.

Unfortunately, I can only recount here what has been written because I have not as yet been able to verify these accounts by personal inspection.

During the course of our last investigative tour of Egypt, we were permitted to examine the exterior of the Sphinx as carefully as we wished, but there was no opportunity for digging. I can report, however, that certain definite and repeatable deviations of the needle of the compass which I carried, did indicate strongly that a considerable quantity of magnetic, or at least magnetically permeable material, was indeed located beneath the surface in the immediate vicinity of the left forepaw.

From those records of the lost civilization that are still available, we can learn something of the tremendous powers inherent in the crystal. And in our own laboratories, we are working sometimes almost feverishly to rediscover and to put into operation the same powers and abilities that our ancient ancestors used so widely and so effectively.

Our present laser systems are, as we have pointed out, one of the tangible results of such efforts. The output of the ruby crystal in a laser system is probably quite similar to that of the drillstick of which so much has been written in the ancient records except, of course, that the drillstick employed a somewhat simpler and more compact system than any of those which we have yet been able to produce. Although with our rapid advance in miniaturization, we should soon begin to approach the results obtained by our remote ancestors.

In the hands of a supreme ruler who was the only person permitted to possess or to use the brillstick, it represented total authority since it contained the power of life or death to the laser like beam which it emitted. The crystals produced by present day science are quite limited in size, and their shape is determined almost entirely by the nature of the electrical fields within the molecules of which they are composed.

The Atlanteans, however, had no such limitations. By growing their crystals within an area of precisely controlled exterior electrical and magnetic fields, they could cause a crystal to continue to grow almost indefinitely and to take on any one of a number of predetermined shapes.

These huge crystals they then incorporated into devices and systems, which, while they were relatively simple compared to some of our present technology were still capable of performing functions which would certainly cause our best scientists to stare in awe and wonder, probably mixed with a liberal amount of ego saving skepticism of that which they were seeing.

Tremendous forces acting over great distances could readily be produced. When we bounce our tiny laser beams off the surface of the moon and record the return signal after its 480,000 mile round trip journey, we are taking the first few childlike steps in the redevelopment of the Atlantean art.

Substantial changes could be brought about in the electrical, the magnetic, and even in the gravitational fields over rather large areas, and significant changes in the time field could be created in local areas by the huge crystal controlled systems of the Atlanteans.

In his manuscript, Timaeus, or Theory of the Universe, and again in his brief twenty two page paper Critias, the Greek philosopher Plato, described the history and the culture of this long submerged island continent, its amazing people, and some of the incredible science with which they could control even the heavens at will.

He named the continent Atlantis, which is simply the plural form of Atlas, the titan of Greek mythology who was said to stand at the western extremity of the earth near the islands of the Hesperides upholding the heavens with his shoulders. There is no evidence however, that even Plato realized that the very mythology of the titans from which he borrowed the name Atlantis was in fact the unwritten history, handed down through the centuries of the race of all powerful titans of the continent of Poseidon who commanded forces so great that they could indeed control the heavens at will.

We cannot fail to note, however, that the western extremity of the known earth was at that time about the center of what we now know as the Atlantic Ocean and from which the continent of Atlantis once rose. We must also remember that Poseidon, the brother of Atlas, and the god of the sea, was said to dwell in the same locality in a huge and magnificent palace at the bottom of the sea from which he occasionally rose to vent his wrath upon those who defied or ignored him.

In the late Edgar Casey’s book on Atlantis mention is made of the all powerful crystal systems. On page 86 we find the following words: “In Posedia the entity dwelt among those that had charge of the ‘motivative’ forces from the great crystals that so condensed the light and the forms of activity as to guide the ships in the sea and in the air”.

Again on page 87 we read: “In Atlantean land, at the time of the development of the electrical forces that dealt with transportation of craft from place to place, overcoming gravity itself, to preparations of the crystal, the terrible, the mighty crystal, much of this later brought destruction” end of quote.

Apparently some of these systems made use of energy accumulators coupled to natural energy sources and were designed to operate automatically when triggered by some specific and predetermined stimulus. They required no human control or maintenance and were practically immune and impervious to time or to the conditions of their environment.

At least two, and probably more of these periodically operating devices are apparently still in operation, and still performing their designed function after some thousands of years of immersion in the Atlantic Ocean.

When the continent of Atlantis or Poseidon descended into these depths, it took with it not only a whole nation of people, but also some of the most remarkable technology ever created upon this planet. Because they worked with the natural laws instead of using one to oppose or overcome another as we have fallen into the habit of doing, their systems were on the whole somewhat simpler and less bulky than ours, and yet they were capable of producing results which we are not yet able to duplicate, or in some cases even to understand.

Not only was this civilization aware of the many huge spaceships which had for countless generation cruised the galaxy, but it had established firm commercial relations with the galactic foundation. And the sale or barter of material and supplies to those ships whose course took them near to the earth had become one of the nation’s most profitable industries.

The transportation of these materials and supplies between the earth and the spaceship, did however, present some problems and difficulties because of the intense resonating fields produced by the propulsion systems of the huge ships and the tremendous degree of ionization that would be created in any atmosphere through which they moved, it was not practical for them to approach closer than a few hundred miles to the earth’s surface. And no matter how the lifting was done, the earth’s gravitational field still exacted a tremendous toll of energy from the transfer operation.

To solve this problem, several crystal driven and controlled systems were developed which were capable of creating the effect of an almost complete warp in the space between the earth and the spaceship when the ship was directly above the system. The electrical and magnetic fields present were not greatly affected, although their direction was changed. But the time and the space factors between the earth and the spacecraft became practically zero. Material and supplies placed within the conveying chamber or area could then immediately be transferred to the hold of the ship.

While this concept may at first glance be somewhat difficult to grasp or accept and while it may appear to be in violation of several of our currently cherished laws of science, it really is not at all. In the change of location, the energy of position offsets the gravitational loss and all laws of conservation are upheld and satisfied.

We have been too much in the habit of assuming that if an object is to change from one location to another, that is, if it is to cease to occupy point A, and instead occupy some other point B, it must in the process occupy, momentarily, all possible points between the two. This idea is not, however, a necessity of thought, nor is it a law of nature. It is in fact, simply a habit of thought which has resulted from the fact that objects which we observe in motion almost always follow this pattern.

For example, if we place a number of sheets of paper at various distances between a rifle and the target at which it is aimed, when the bullet has left the gun and reached the target we will find a hole in each piece of paper indicating that the bullet had occupied that point during some part of its motion. All of our laws of ballistics are based upon this principle and the exceptions to these laws, that is the cases where an object ceases to occupy one point and simultaneously begins to occupy some other point without having occupied any of the points between are so rare and so difficult to observe or demonstrate that it is much simpler for science to ignore or to deny them than to make any effort to explain.

Somewhere off the coast of Florida under many fathoms of water, one of these Atlantean crystal driven systems apparently still exists and still performs at least some of its original functions. Powered by accumulators drawing their energy from natural sources, and unaffected by time or its surroundings it still springs into action when triggered by a specific impulse or signal and still goes through its designed task of transporting any solid state matter within its range from its original location to some unknown to us and probably remote point x.

Since there are no detail descriptions of this device available to us, we can gain more knowledge of it only through a careful and complete study of its performance and its effects upon other objects during those brief but fateful periods when it comes into operation and thereby manifests its properties and its effects to us.

Since there have been many such demonstrations which are well documented, some of them in rather precise detail and since they continued to occur at relatively frequent intervals quite a substantial body of dependable fact and detail exists to furnish a fairly sound basis for such a study.

To describe in detail the many separate events that have occurred in this area and which can only be adequately explained by the operation of the Atlantean device would require several hours. The records fill a number of folders in my own research files and the specific date it continues to accumulate. It covers a period of more than one hundred and fifty years and it involves the area commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle, although it is usually defined geographically as being roughly a square bounded on the north by a line stretching from Bermuda to the Virginia coast and on the south by the islands of Cuba and Espanola.

This stretch of ocean dotted with a few islands which are the only visible remnants of the Atlantean continent has been the scene of more unconventional and inexplicable disappearances than any equivalent area on earth. In the last century alone forty two ships and twenty seven planes for which well documented records exist have sailed into this area and simply vanished without warning and without a trace.

Ships or planes lost to storms, fire or other normal hazards are not counted in this list. They are all cases where no distress call was sounded, the weather was moderate, and in spite of the widest possible search and rescue operations, no wreckage, no debris, no survivors and not even an oil slick was ever found.

A few examples of these ships are: the Swedish owned Lotta, which disappeared in 1866; the Spanish merchantman, Viego, in 1868; the British training ship, Atalanta, in 1880; the Italian schooner, Miramon, in 1884; and the American collier Cyclops, in March of 1918. Similar disappearances have occurred every two or three years since then and will undoubtedly continue to occur in the future unless the exact location of the events can be determined and those spots avoided.

Attempts have been made to explain the loss of these ships as being due to mid-ocean earthquakes, or seaquakes, which might raise sudden waves as high as several hundreds of feet. Such waves might swallow a ship so suddenly and completely that there would be no time for distress calls or the launching of lifeboats.

The Tsunami theory is however, like many other attempted explanations in that it raises other questions even more difficult than those which it attempts to answer. In the first place, a tsunami or tidal wave, once it has been created, rolls on and on with little loss of height or energy until it encounters some land surface. A two hundred foot wave generated anywhere in the Bermuda Triangle would still be at least one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet high when it reached the Florida coast where it would then proceed to roll over about half of the state destroying everything in its path.

Also, we are faced with the necessity of explaining the equally abrupt vanishing of some twenty seven or more airplanes in mid-flight and it is exceedingly difficult to imagine a wave high enough to snatch up an airplane flying at ten thousand feet.

One of the most significant, and by far the best documented cases of plane disappearances is of course that of flight 19 consisting of five TBM avenger bombers, which on December 5th,1945 took off on a routine patrol flight from the US naval air station at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Most premid reports state that the weather was clear and the flying conditions excellent. My personal perusal of the weather reports for that day as printed in the Fort Lauderdale newspapers indicate that there were a few broken clouds and a small amount of wind. However there were certainly no weather conditions which would endanger a short routine patrol of this kind.

The flight leader’s plane had a crew of two, while the remaining four planes carried three men each. The lead plane’s third man had reported sick that morning and so was not on the flight. All of the fourteen pilots and crewmen had flight and navigation experience ranging from thirteen months to six years. The planes were expected to make a triangular patrol flying east for one hundred and sixty miles, then north for forty miles, and then directly back to base at Fort Lauderdale, a total flight time of about one hour and forty five minutes.

The flight took off at 2:00 PM and by 3:45 PM they were expected to call the tower for landing instructions. But the message actually received at that time was anything but a routine one. “This is an emergency”, this is an emergency” it said in part. And even with radio distortion there was an unnerving fear noticeable in the flight leader’s voice. When asked for his position, he replied, “We’re not sure of our position, we can’t be sure where we are, we don’t know”. When told to assume a bearing of due west, the flight leader replied “we cannot be sure which way is west, we cannot be sure of any direction, everything is wrong, everything is strange, the ocean doesn’t look as it should”. By this time the sun was nearing the western horizon, and when the tower operator, half jokingly, half sarcastically, suggested they head for the setting sun since it usually sets in the west, or had they forgotten that, the flight leader replied that neither clouds nor sun were visible in the strange sky through which they were flying.

For nearly thirty minutes thereafter, the tower could hear the planes talking to each other. It was obvious that none of the five pilots or any of the nine crewmen had any idea of their position, even though all of them were experienced in aerial navigation, and it was completely incredible that all navigation instruments and all compasses could fail on all five of the planes simultaneously. The overheard conversation showed increasing signs of fear and hysteria among the five pilots. Then without prior warning, the flight leader abruptly turned over the flight command to another plane. This in itself was a most unusual act, and one which usually occurs only under the most desperate of emergencies.

At about 4:15 PM the control tower received its last message from the flight. It said, “We are not certain where we are, must be about 225 miles northeast of base, it looks like we are” the message broke off at that point instantly and completely. Immediately thereafter, a Martin flying boat with full rescue equipment and a crew of thirteen men was dispatched to search for the missing flight and to rescue the dazed pilots who with all of the navigation equipment to be found in military bombing planes still couldn’t find west.

The rescue plane gave several routine radio reports and then lapsed into silence. Neither this plane nor any of the original five bombers were ever heard from again nor was any sign of them ever found in spite of one of the largest air and sea rescue searches in American history.

The aircraft carrier Solomons was in the vicinity and by mid afternoon of the next day, many ships and over three hundred planes had joined the search. Not a single item of wreckage or debris from any of the six planes was ever seen, even though the Martin flying boat was designed to land upon the ocean, and because it was used for marine rescue service, had aboard life preservers, rafts, and literally hundreds of items which would rise to the surface of the ocean and continue to float indefinitely no matter how hard the plane had hit the water.

The navy, after an exhaustive investigation of the incident in which a total of twenty seven lives had presumably been lost was unable to come up with any solution. Their report stated simply, we are not even able to make a good guess as to what happened.

A little more than two years later, on January 29th, 1948, a four engine commercial airliner belonging to the British South American Airways Company with thirty four passengers and a crew of six were in route to Kingston, Jamaica.. The weather was clear and mild. At 10:30 PM a routine report was made to the control tower at Bermuda. This was the last message ever received from this airliner. No evidence was ever found that would indicate a crash into the ocean or elsewhere. No wreckage, no oil slick, no debris of any kind was ever located. The big plane with a total of forty persons aboard had simply vanished.

Again on January 7th, 1949, one year later, another four engine airline, also belonging to the British South American Airways with seven crewmen and thirteen passengers took off from Bermuda bound for Jamaica at 7:30 AM in excellent weather. At 8:15 AM there was a routine report and then silence. As in the previous case, no sign of wreckage, plane or passengers was ever found.

As in the previous cases, a thorough investigation of the above cases could only report that the planes had, quote, “ presumably been lost at sea”, unquote, an undeniable premise but not very enlightening.

In January of 1960 a convoy of five planes was in route from Puerto Rico to New York when two of the planes suddenly disappeared in fair weather and without having given any signs of distress. They had been flying at some distance from the remaining three but well within visual range. Again, no sign of planes or their crew was ever found.

These are but four of the documented cases, but the balance of them are so similar as to seem like carbon copies of these. In every case they involve planes flying in mild weather in level flight and with no known problems yet suddenly they were no longer there. The total number of planes that have vanished in this manner can only be guessed at since no genuinely coordinated effort has ever been made to assemble all of even the known cases. And of course the loss of smaller planes could and almost certainly would be attributed to engine failure, lack of fuel, radio malfunction or other more readily understood causes.

It would seem therefore that the transportation device driven by the huge crystals performs its function equally well whether the object on which it acts is in the air, upon the surface or beneath it.

There have been half hearted efforts by several departments of the federal government to probe the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. In January 1946, a group of naval intelligence officers were ordered by President Truman to form a central intelligence group which became the forerunner of the CIA. In the spring of 1946 this central intelligence group participated in a series of secret hearings in Washington DC in which the wives and relatives of the missing Flight 19 were flown to Washington to attend the meeting.

Since that time, most of those involved have refused to discuss the matter at all. But the mother of one of the missing flyers has said that she thought her son was still alive, perhaps somewhere in space. In 1965 and 1966, the National Bureau of Standards undertook a project in which special microphones capable of picking up sounds above the audible range were installed off the coast of Florida, and while some results were reportedly obtained no conclusions have yet been announced.

In an interview in 1968, a spokesman for the Coastguard’s Search and Rescue branch said, “Quite frankly we don’t know what is happening in this so called Bermuda Triangle. All we can do about these unexplainable disappearances is to speculate”. The navy is trying to get to the bottom of the mystery with a project called Project Magnet, in which they are investigating the electromagnetic, gravitational, and atmospheric disturbances. Some experts think that some such disturbance might have disintegrated those planes in 1945. A ship in the area reported sighting a large ball of fire in the skies which could of course also have meant a midair collision, but that’s exceedingly unlikely among five planes all flying together. The fact is we have no real opinions.

If the Atlantean device is indeed the answer to the endless chains of disappearances the destination to which all of these planes, ships and the submarine were transported can only be a matter of speculation since we have never had a report from any of the crews or passengers of the missing vehicles. It could perhaps be another planet, another dimension, or another frequency. But until some of those who were transported find a way to return through the same gate through which they left we can only guess.

While the total number of vanished ships and planes may be far greater than anyone realizes, it is still fairly obvious that the transporting mechanism is operative only at certain points, at certain times, and under certain conditions. For example, it might be triggered only by a certain minimum size mass passing directly over the sensing device. The system would probably be operative only within a certain area above the device. This would explain why only two of a flight of five planes vanished while the other three which were flying just outside the radius of the area were untouched and unaffected. In the case of the five TBM Bombers, all of them chanced to be within the radius of activity when the system was triggered.

Note that, as I mentioned in the beginning, the electrical and magnetic fields are relatively unchanged by the action of the device therefore the pilots of the five planes were able to continue radio communication with the control tower so long as the device continued to produce and maintain the space warp. The planes were no longer really on earth, nor had they really left it, although the rising degree of panic and hysteria which developed among the normally calm and experienced pilots showed their awareness that something strange and totally inexplicable had happened to them. When the device shut off and no longer produced the warp, the pilots and their planes were instantly and completely at the remote end of the transportation system, wherever that might have been and their communication was instantly cut off.

In most of the other instances it seems that the pilots did not become aware that anything dangerous was happening until it was too late for radio communication. If it were possible to compile a comprehensive list of all such events within the area together with all of the known data surrounding each event, it might be possible with the aid of a computer to derive valid or at least very probable conclusions concerning the location or locations of activity, the nature of the device, its active periods, and the mechanism by which it is triggered.

But since it is very unlikely that the possibility of such advanced systems can or will be accepted even in theory by our present day science, it is improbable that any comprehensive list will ever be made or studied by any official agency, even though the events will probably continue to occur at frequent intervals.

Thus the great mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is likely to remain just a growing mystery until we begin to develop similar systems in our own technology, or until the land upon which the present one is built rises again above the ocean surface.

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The “retro-future” of “The Jetsons”

The “retro-future” of “The Jetsons”  ,  The future isn’t what it used to be


(CBS News) “Yesterday’s tomorrow” was a wondrous place, full of amazing gadgets and technologies many experts told us were just around the corner. So why aren’t we there yet? 

The world of tomorrow: Trains zooming from coast to coast via vacuum tubes . . . gleaming cities in the sky . . . and, of course, flying cars. That was what the future was supposed to hold for us.

“I grew up expecting to live on the Moon, to be able to travel in rockets,” said writer and illustrator Ron Miller. “When ‘2001’ came out, there was a future that looked really possible. So in 30 odd years we could probably have space stations, and passenger liners going to and from space stations, run by Pan Am!”

“I think sometimes people were a little too optimistic in the past, and they’re too pessimistic today,” replied Kriskiewicz. “You know, we all walk around with the entire Internet in our pocket, in our phones. I mean it’s incredible. Life expectancies have gone up. Disease has fallen around the world dramatically. The cars we drive, the homes we live in, are so much more efficient and safer and capable. We tend to really romanticize the past and catastrophize the present.”   ……..Such as Louis C.K.’s routine about people who complain and whine about the hardships of air travel: ” ‘I had to sit on the runway for 40 minutes.’ Oh my God, really? What happened then? Did you fly through the air like a bird, incredibly? Did you soar into the clouds, impossibly? Did you partake in the miracle of human flight, and then land softly on giant tires that you couldn’t even conceive how they f****** put air in them? . . . You’re sitting in a chair in the sky! You’re like a Greek myth right now!”



100 years of stagnant, kindergarten grasp of nuclear energy (anything else is top secret, no need to know) gave us this:


Plus War on Terrorism Forever Because God Created Evil Genes (huh???)


World Watch Preview – A Power Point Slide Show   Issues & Solutions PPS Slide show         

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