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Mind, Matter, Physical Law and the Curve Ball (Light)

Another view: Towards understanding increasingly global, holistic patterns of reality and the ease of application – partially demonstrating the required scope necessary for expanding our window to reality.

‘Molecular Changes and the Subconscious’, mind matter interactions, are more easily perceived with an extended physics’ standard model which seamlessly incorporates and unifies the very large, the very small, and the here and now, revealing the curve, the constant C, emerging, birthing from an analogous ‘flat earth’ science, to a forthcoming larger reality ‘round earth’ science version.

Regardless, be it micro, meso, macro, the Zero point on the sine wave curve of all natural law is the meeting point of mind and matter, an instantaneous entrance to pure consciousness where all laws of motion, changes, are in abeyance, and the factors we call time and space have ceased to have any significance (always and only, energy differentials, as measured between any two or more specified reference points- nothing else has meaning).

A flat science with dislocated, separate and isolated sectors of the very large, the very small, and the here and now, (macro, micro, meso) cannot even approach a Unified Field Theory, much less understand the Nonlinearity of Physical Law, and where vibration ends and mind/consciousness begins. The linear mathematics of the physical laws in each of the scale sectors do not follow straight lines to infinity, but a curve of finite radii, a constant equivalent to the quantity C, Light – meaning, there are positions and conditions in which effect of a natural law (space time mass matter energy gravity) will reach zero value with respect to a given reference point, and that beyond these positions and conditions, the law will become negative, reversing its effect with respect to the observer.

Einstein – ‘if you examine matter closely enough it disappears, and you find nothing but a frequency of vibration’.  Nikola Tesla – ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ Zero Point – the pivotal point upon which the natural laws become manifest, the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter.

Pathways of Mind to Matter: Physical effects and potential at the Zero Point

Science Now Says That Your Subconscious Thoughts And Beliefs Can Actually Cause Molecular Changes In Your Genes

The unified field dawns from unification of mind, matter, spirit, not dissections and deletions of some of reality’s parts.

================================ IN SUMMARY, THE EXTENDED VIEW

Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law:

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Still No Count of the Dead After Decades of Abuse

Were it not for my strange tendency to love pristine, clean and pure nature – land, air, water, life……………….

I, too, might be deliriously feverish and wild with excitement, of the obscene profits the minutely few (<1%) are amassing for themselves (huh?).

Decades of crude production filled the pockets of powerful government officials  and generated huge profits for oil majors like Shell, while corruption and spills left the people with nothing but land too polluted for farming or fishing. 

(Editor’s notes:  a general trend (in the exalted halls of Power) not constricted to oil corporations, including instigation of and support for covert coups installing dictators, “their man” as head of states)

By Florian PLAUCHEUR, Lagos (AFP) Aug 6, 2015

Shell’s efforts to deal with oil pollution in the Niger Delta remain “utterly ineffective” four years after a landmark UN report called for a $1 billion clean-up, rights campaigners said Thursday.

Amnesty International accused the company of failing to match the Nigerian government’s commitment to tackle spills in the Ogoniland area of the delta and urged the company to “dramatically” improve its clean-up operation.

“It is scandalous that Shell — which now wants the world to trust it to drill in the Arctic — has failed to properly implement the UN’s expert advice on oil spill response after so long,” Mark Dummett, a human rights researcher for Amnesty said in a statement.

Environmental devastation in Ogoniland has for many come to symbolise the tragedy of Nigeria’s vast oil wealth……. more

Murder for Profit with ‘Legaleze’

Humanities Consensus and Freedom of Choice so eloquently portrayed.

Murder For Profit With Legal-ease










Yes, BUT …. but profits are up!!!

  • August 7 8:32 AM

    A solid month of job creation, but wages stagnate (as benefits decline, but costs rise)

    Although the U.S. economy continues adding jobs at a respectable clip, workers have yet to see much growth in their pay.

    CEO-To-Worker Pay Ratio Ballooned 1,000 Percent Since 1950!  

     S.E.C. Approves Rule on C.E.O. Pay Ratio


    U.S. News & World Report:Jan 16, 2015 – The average interest rate for savings accounts is about 0.17 percent (note the highs are a whopping 1.5%)
    FE_DA_piggybankdollarl.jpgCD rates history



    And the Dow is going where? Out of Business?


    THE ONLY POSSIBLE CAUSE THIS DERANGED (CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) TENDENCY OF  21ST CENTURY’S ‘ENERGY AND ECONOMIC BACKWARD TREND – is a shortsightedness to our obstructed and stagnant “window to reality”, namely, a 60 year, petrified, definition of energy and E=MC2. Exploring Energy Evolution


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But For The Lies: Chemtrails, Climate Change, Cancer Pills and More

Chemtrails What’s going on?

Image result for chemtrails debunked

But for the lies, a free people could better grasp ‘energy and economic’ realities necessary for human evolution.

The modern day Freedom (slavery?) Cry – “No Need to Know” (for MY eyes only).

“…. noted stunted plant growth in once-healthy gardens and wilderness areas” LAS VEGAS TRIBUNE LINKS MASS ILLNESS TO CHEMTRAILS

…….. Obscene inequality, American children going hungry, student loan debt hobbles so many Americans, 100 year stagnation of E=MC2, Idle Standard Model of Physics, medical costs exponentially rising to the umpteenth power, too big to fail Predators,  The cause of the Great Depression of the 21st century, Denial of Changing Variables in Atmospheric/Geophysics ‘Dynamics and Balance’ , etc., ….. ALL ARE SIGNIFICANT FACTORS SLOWLY ERODING THE FOUNDATION, THE BACKBONE OF A NATION – with a repetitive feature – opinion has always been far more war friendly than advancing scientific fact.



 Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law:


Too Big to change


August 5 12:01 AM

How student loan debt hobbles so many Americans (EDUCATION #1 BACKBONE OF A NATION)

A new report finds this burden causes millions — and not just millennials — to delay buying a house or saving for retirement


Corp Personhood