Sound Off: World Views and The Empowerment Factor

Co-Creating our Future


Aside from my passion researching energy evolution and application, I love nature, dabble in oils, and still practice tai chi on a balance beam (68 years young). Mental gymnastics, flotation, yoga and meditation at our Mind Gym facility also assisted centering, balance, widening horizons, and tapping into energy reserves at one’s center point of no time, no space.



Kodie at Blue Ridge fspj_boathi00160andImproving1DSC00707DSC00731(xmas2002 Signature)DSC00116expwinMGI_logoCbw MindGym-11 MindGym-12 MindGym-13 MindGym-14 MindGym-15 MindGym-16 MindGym-17 MindGym-171 MindGym-172MindGym-173 MindGym-174 MindGym-175 MindGym-176 Rrmgipf TanKKitLinaljsym

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