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Fake or Real? ‘Freedom-Survival’ in Distress

Fake or Real - Freedom in Distress

A Broader Perspective

Is Global Warming Fake, or is Climate Change Real?   

GW Univ

Even the slightest insights into the 100 year old stagnant energy stalemate, immediately permits one to see past the shortsighted, narrow, shallow, or deliberately misleading, tangential, “look yonder” facts surrounding this topic.

More trapped energy, in both the atmosphere and oceans, simply means ‘more weather’. One cannot boil water in a pot and pretend nothing is happening within that system. The earth, its surface, oceans, atmosphere … constitute an interactive, unified system (General Systems Theory)

But for the Trees …… Golly Gee! What happened!   The clear and imminent threat to freedom and survival continues to lurk in the dark corners of narrow points of view, devoid of ‘gestalt’, a whole systems viewing point, regardless how specialized an expert one may be in a tiny cavity of reality.  Manipulation and control of the masses through dumbing down, misinformation, disinformation, and lies galore, become the standard of the day with extreme ease.

One needs only to ask why there still exists such a void in gestalt thoughts and perception of reality…i.e., macro theories, or viewing points versus points of view.


A Gestalt viewing point (Energy Evolution) as attributed to Nikola TeslaTesla EFV

would also assist in making fundamental discoveries (shown below) in a more timely fashion, and not get 100 years behind in the standard model of physics, with an ongoing glory to ego ‘rocket’ concept, almost as old as dirt, 700 years, seven centuries!



Scientists demonstrate the wavelike nature of van der Waals Forces

Treating van der Waals interactions as coupling between waves is a paradigm shift for chemistry and materials science.

Now let’s go to the beach and relax a bit.

to the beach1

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Einstein And The Universal Force of Love

Of Love, Light, Gravity and E=MC2 – regardless of author authentication, only one with Einstein’s caliber could make such a clear relationship to physical reality. Brian Swimme, Ph.D., a physicist and specialist in mathematical cosmology, also approached this unifying perception in “The Universe is a Green Dragon”.


Read A Letter Einstein Wrote To His Daughter About The Universal Force of Love


See addendum at the bottom. It appears that the letter is a fake, but the words are still powerful and meaningful for this generation.

“Perhaps we are not yet ready to make a bomb of love, a device powerful enough to entirely destroy the hate, selfishness and greed that devastate the planet.”

Source: Read A Letter Einstein Wrote To His Daughter About The Universal Force of Love | True Activist