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Big Business Loses its Lifeline connection

“Casualties of broad economic, social and other forces…….Behind these currents, as always, are political choices we make as a nation, along with the deep-pocketed special interests that steer public policy in ways that may not align with the common good”.

 Pure profit” motto was accepted as the only life support necessity, ignoring ENERGY evolution which incorporates human values with sustainable, unimagined, prosperity for ALL. 



MSN: UN’s dire new climate change report: ‘We’re all sitting ducks’

Global warming dials up our risks, UN report says



A report said ‘things are worse than we had predicted‘ in 2007 & global warming may spiral ‘out of control.’ The White House warned inaction would be ‘catastrophic.’

CBS   March 31, 2014   America’s retirement system is breaking down

america's retirement breakdown




Millions of people have no money set aside for their later years, while even responsible savers are falling behind  read more

“They are casualties of broad economic, social and other forces, from high unemployment, stagnant income and spiraling health care costs to eroding labor protections and rising income inequality. Behind these currents, as always, are political choices we make as a nation, along with the deep-pocketed special interests that steer public policy in ways that may not align with the common good”.

 International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) shared a link.

 The impacts of #GlobalWarming and #ClimateChange are likely to be “severe, pervasive and irreversible”, a major report by the IPCC-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns.

2014 globalwarningupdateIISD







Big II input-output


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Light’s Curved Bombshell Snags into “Multiverse” (sort of)

No takers to date on the next question:  Describe the actions of the natural laws (space time mass matter energy gravity) when frequency at VC or VC plus energy differentials are substituted for velocity between any two or more specified reference points? 

VC Variations


The same postulated scientific explanations given for velocity – when approaching, at, and exceeding the speed of light – between any two or more reference points (i.e., ……time slows, stops, goes backwards, length loses dimension, mass approaches and becomes infinite)…… are to be considered/applied using the frequency differential, substituting for motion/velocity/acceleration. This excercise should promote an expanded self-recognition of the quantity C and the effects various aspects of space time mass matter energy gravity have upon each other, leading the way towards application.

The “snag” “sort of” mentioned in the post title references the possible “multiverse” suggested by gravitational waves detected in the aftermath of the Big Bang. Multi-universes existing in the same time, space at different frequencies are noted throughout metaphysics.

This is not a “snag”, but an even broader viewpoint of the quantity C, the radius of curvature of all natural law, played out in the “as above, so below” metaphysical principle.

You will note from “the cosmic egg in your face”, “the series of mathematical embarrassments” which the concept of ‘multiverse’ begins to expose, in spite of itself still trapped in a coordinate system incapable of handling scale variances and space time mass matter energy gravity relationships at VC levels or above.

Qualitative questioning of the old paradigm, the standard model of physics is accelerating, and the small flat science view is beginning to curve.

Big Bang Discovery Opens Doors to the “Multiverse”

Gravitational waves detected in the aftermath of the Big Bang suggest one universe just might not be enough.




This illustration depicts a main membrane out of which individual universes arise; they then expand in size through time. Image credit: Moonrunner Design.

From National Geographic Daily News  By Dan Vergano

In this multiverse spawned by “chaotic” inflation, the Big Bang is just a starting point, giving rise to multiple universes (including ours) separated by unimaginable gulfs of distance. How far does the multiverse stretch? Perhaps to infinity, suggests MIT physicist Max Tegmark, writing for Scientific American.

I’m a fan of the multiverse, but I wouldn’t claim it is true,” says Guth. Nevertheless, he adds, a multiverse explains a lot of things that now confuse cosmologists about our universe.

For example, there is the 1998 discovery that galaxies in our universe seem to be spreading apart at an accelerating rate, when their mutual gravitational attraction should be slowing them down. This discovery, which garnered the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics, is generally thought to imply the existence of a “dark energy” that counteracts gravity on cosmic scales. Its nature is a profound mystery. About the only thing we understand about dark energy, physicists such as Michael Turner of the University of Chicago have long said, is its name.

A multiverse could wipe the cosmic egg off their faces. On the bell curve of all possible universes spawned by inflation, our universe might just happen to be one of the few universes in which the dark energy is relatively lame. In others, the antigravity force might conform to physicists’ expectations and be strong enough to rip all matter apart.

A multiverse might also explain away another embarrassment: the number of dimensions predicted by modern “superstring” theory. String theory describes subatomic particles as being composed of tiny strings of energy, but it requires there to be 11 dimensions instead of the four we actually observe. Maybe it’s just describing all possible universes instead of our own. (It suggests there could be a staggeringly large number of possibilities—a 1 with 500 zeroes after it.)

Join the “multiverse club,” Linde wrote in a March 9 review of inflationary cosmology, and what looks like a series of mathematical embarrassments disappears in a cloud of explanation. In a multiverse, there can be more things dreamt of in physicists’ philosophy than happen to be found in our sad little heaven and earth.

 Spirit Into Matter — The Geometry of Life

THRIVE Movement

A new article from The Resonance Project‘s William Brown about how time may emerge from quantum entanglement has just been posted on

Time -reasonance
A colleague of Einstein, physicist John Archibald Wheeler, developed one of the first equations of quantum gravity in the early days of the unification of Relativity and Quantum Theory. Although it works, it does not incorporate time as a physical parameter, and physicists find this unsettling.

In this context, it is referred to as the problem of time. As it suggests that time must be illusionary, and therefore the Universe is ultimately static and unchanging. In an attempt to reconcile this paradoxical result, a team of researchers have devised an experiment that may demonstrate, by analogy, how the Universe could be static and unchanging as a whole, at the largest scale, and yet have the experience of evolution in subsystems of the whole.

They employ a version of a quantum erasure experiment, which utilizes quantum entanglement to erase information about which path a photon has traveled before detection, along with a sophisticated clock system – with one of the clocks actually being the pair of entangled photons. The researchers were able to experimentally show that when the pair of entangled photons are measured internally, as the clock system, they appear to change. However, when an external clock is used, and the path information is erased – it can be shown that the pair of entangled photons remain unchanged. If this experiment is taken to be an accurate model of Universal dynamics, it suggests that time may emerge from entanglement, such that if an observer is not entangled with a system, they will detect no net change in that system.

Read the full article here:

…………………………. Links

Radius of Curvature of all Natural Law:

The Quantity C: Possessing a Significance Far Greater than Attributed

Gravity – As Viewed Through the Radius (VC)

Space as Observed through the Curve of Radius Light

Matter and Mass – Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass

Beyond A Uni-Dimensional Perception of TIME

The Nonlinearity of Physical Law

Recall: While we have repeatedly referred to the quantity C as an energy differential, we have heretofore considered it only in terms of kinetic energy. Some may believe that it can be reached only when there is a rate of increase or decrease in the degree of spatial separation between the reference points, equal to 3×10(10) centimeters per second, or in simpler terms, a velocity equal to that of light. It is necessary therefore to point out the fact that an energy differential does not necessarily manifest itself as a velocity. It can also exist as a frequency. Our present laws of physics state that the energy level upon which an electron, a photon, or other particle exists is proportionate to its frequency. The mathematical rule is E equals Fh, where E is the energy, F is the frequency and h is a factor called Planck’s constant.

While negative gravitational fields have been shown to exist, they have been found only within the atom and at inter-galactic distances. How can we place a space ship within the negative portion of the curve, with respect to the earth? The answer to this question lies in the fact that, as we have already learned, the natural laws are not absolute, but relative. That is, the size and shape of the curve of one law is dependent upon the value and position of the others. We have seen that the nucleus of the atom of uranium 235 dips below the zero line with the addition of only one mass unit, making a total of 236, yet the nucleus of the atom of uranium 238, although close to the zero line is still on the positive side of the curve because of the fact that the shape of the gravitational curve is modified not only by the mass present but also by the number and position of the electrical charges.

Lest someone charge us with ignorance by pointing out that there are the same number of electrons (92) in each of these atoms, we will make haste to state that we refer not only to the charges in the outer shell of the atom but to those within as well, and especially to the fact, not always realized, that the neutron possesses both a positive and a negative charge, although when united within the neutron they are not discernible as charges, but exist as energy which produces the gravitational field .

When we acquire a better understanding of the laws, we will be able to produce any shape of curve we desire, with the earth as one reference point and the spacecraft as the other.

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More big ideas, innovation and collateral damage in Business.

ALL MARCH to the hourly Corporate mandate (EBITDA), maximize profits, cut costs……………………………….. AND ’unspoken, unacknowledged’, destroy lives.

The worst commute? California farm workers


Border Gridlock: ‘Alien Commuters’ Travel Hours to U.S. Farm Jobs

EXICALI, Mexico — Norma Cortez, 59, a farmworker for 35 years, limps into her simple kitchen at 12:30 a.m. to make a cup of coffee. She is getting ready for work after only a few hours of sleep, a routine she does five to six days a week through the six-month winter vegetable harvest. She is one of tens of thousands who work the rich agricultural fields of Yuma, Ariz., packaging heads of lettuce for shipment across the United States for such brands as Dole Foods, Church Brothers and Tanimura & Antle. The work is tedious and rough — she still feels yesterday’s eight-hour shift in her swollen hands and aching back as she prepares bag lunches for her and her husband Roberto, 60, then washes the dishes from last night’s meal.

The day’s work ahead is tough and low-paid, but the worst part is the commute. From Mexicali, just south of the California border, the morning trip to the Arizona fields typically takes seven hours, including a mind-numbing wait to cross the border, plus two more hours coming home. “The life of a farm worker is hard enough,” Norma says, “but the waiting time to get to work is worse.”….more


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Ivory Tower’s Massive Disconnect with Reality

Stepping back from the colossal influx, bombardment, of business’s “big ideas”, “innovation”, “active ingredients necessary for sustaining continuous innovation”, “using the power of certainty to drive growth in an uncertain world”, etc., etc., (from the experts) ……………………….we must ask, with all this novel input:


Is there a total disconnect, breakdown between “innovation”, “creativity” inputs, and the collective summation of output?

I concur, the eventual total destruction of all life IS a “BIG IDEA”, but positively is NOT “INNOVATION”

Business Projection Analysis Training for Dummies 



What obvious ingredients, so necessary to sustain life, progress and growth are completely and totally ignored in the present economic models of ego, greed, power and growth at all costs?

Where to “hell on earth” are these “experts” in their tiny reality box taking us? Blind to the absolutely insane, obscene worldwide wealth distribution and stagnant energy base?

A mind-boggling statistic about Wall Street bonuses

wallstreetAt $26.7 billion last year, they were almost twice what all of America’s minimum-wage workers combined were paid.    March 17 5:30 AM

And how can such an obvious deficit as a stagnant energy base – the CAUSE of the collective outcomes worldwide – be completely missed?

Common sense today tells us advanced, evolutionary, energy concepts would also bestow us with glaringly obvious “wisdom” options (science based moral & survival fibers) alerting us to the “uses”, the “sustainable, prosperous collective outcomes”, towards which our creations shall be put.


To date, big ideas and innovation inputs are giving us unsustainable outputs, a complete disconnect from the perceived reality we ‘think’ we are creating in the tiny isolated, ivory box of expertise. Profit, the bottom line, stands alone, the sole criteria for ‘truth’, ‘justice’, ‘righteousness’, ‘the Way’, with nary a consideration to the values required to sustain life itself.

Big II input-output

B-I-I input-output2

Growth At All Costs

The predicament of industrial civilization.   John Greer, 16 March 2014



To understand the predicament of industrial civilization, it’s not enough to grasp the outward shape of the crisis of our time: the looting of a finite planet’s stock of resources, the destabilization of the global climate, the breathtaking cluelessness with which politicians, pundits, and ordinary citizens alike insist that the only way we can get out of this mess involves doing even more of the same things that got us into it in the first place, and the rest of it.

Follow the roots of our predicament down into the soil that feeds them, and you’ll find yourself in a murky realm of unspoken narratives and unacknowledged desires—the “mind-forg’d manacles,” as Blake called them, that keep most of us shackled in place as the great rumbling vehicle of global industrial society accelerates down the slope of its decline and fall.

Read the full piece here

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The Collective Summation of Outcome

The collective summation of OUTCOME determines the validity and quality of our “Big Ideas and Innovation”, “our chosen future direction”NOT EGO, PROFIT, and the unnatural structure of the bottom line.  
The Excuse, “I didn’t know” energy evolution was a requirement for the survival of life is fading fast. 
Playing isolated pretend, disconnected from the real world, is no longer a valid business model. 
Polluted Paris chokes in the springtime sun
Air pollution in Paris has hit health-threatening levels over 80 percent higher than in London and Berlin as a sunny spell reaches western Europe, prompting the city to curb road speeds and offer free public transport.
The current status quo of the repeating “next scientific revolution in energy” remains unchanged since my exploration, investigation and research began in the 1960s. This energy evolution minority status has not even achieved  the ‘100th monkey syndrome’ level of support.  
The precarious scales supporting life are way off balance, and increasing exponentially.  Any suggestions? 
Only a systemic change, based upon scientific acknowledgement of Natural Laws, reinforced by extremely advanced, unlimited, yet common sense, energy systems, will counter balance the collective, self-imposed, negative, ever-growing threats to human survival currently in progress.
If anyone sees POSITIVE counter balances sufficient to correct the NEGATIVES in process (previous post) , please advise with in-depth factual data – shallow, disconnected, isolated, surface techniques will be ignored. The time for temporary – inefficient, insufficient patchwork has passed  (i.e., solar, wind, tidal, geo, bio….…or space elevators, umbrella’s for earth, etc). 

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How’s ‘dat trickle down working for ‘ya?


“As goes energy vision and application, so goes economics”

“Energy and Economics are completely interlocked” 


“And you wonder why your cable TV bill runs so high: Billionaire cable magnate John Malone bought this Irish castle earlier this year. He already owns more of the U.S. land mass than any other American, 2.2 million acres in all. More in this week’s Too Much…….”

A new New York musical that deliciously chronicles the greed all around us. More at

Insight into today’s SOP Economics:  

BE SURE TO BUY THE STOCK when a proposed new start-up company, owning the licenses/air rights where people live and work, goes public. Imagine the profits, as monitors are developed, and the need-demand (price) for a breath of air calculated, then market manipulated with “shortages”, “fear”, “futures” …… NOTHING will surpass this KING of price gouging OPPORTUNITY. Long live EBITDA, the bottom line, vacuum tunnel to shareholders.

 (note: current and postulated future energy/economic events are all based upon no intelligent life on earth)  

No_Intelligent_Life_Rumor ‘Activist’s photo’

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Innovation, Glory, and Greed – Survival Guide for Idiots

ONE SIMPLE RULE for the 21st Century:

A return to Natural Law – reinforced by extremely advanced, unlimited, yet common sense, energy systems based on scientific natural laws – a continuous, evolving energy foundation, which is the basis of survival for evolving, complex, holistic systems. Exploring Energy Evolution

Possible Futures – The Promise of Energy

Only a systemic change, based upon scientific acknowledgement of Natural Laws, reinforced by extremely advanced, unlimited, yet common sense, energy systems, will counter balance the collective, self-imposed, negative, ever-growing threats to human survival currently in progress.

If anyone sees POSITIVE counter balances sufficient to correct the NEGATIVES in process (displayed below), please advise with in-depth factual data – shallow, disconnected, isolated, surface techniques will be ignored. The time for temporary – inefficient, insufficient patchwork has passed  (i.e., solar, wind, tidal, geo, bio….…or space elevators, umbrella’s for earth, etc). 

Greed at a Glance


CNN: Climate Change Costing the Earth

(freedom of transportation added bonus)


Banking and Money System


“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” –Thomas Jefferson Read More:


“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” –Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” –Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

Divine Right of Kings