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Business Fails Taking Care of Planet and Society

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Peter Jocis THE ROOT CAUSE of the majority of our contemporary issues – global warming to pollution, poverty and economic divide/corruption, to traffic nightmares – falls on our narrow and stagnant concept of energy, specifically E=MC2, whose blindness permits unsustainable economic parameters, with massive imposing limits. Our countless individual uniqueness and passions can only stand upon an expanding scientific foundation of REALITY, free from control and funding direction. Only then can we invoke the qualities of a game changer, with the capacity and responsibility to take action against those systems and ideas that no longer allow humans the freedom to flourish.


Business Fails Taking Care of Planet and Society

Andreas von der Heydt on LinkedIn

This is the result of a new global study by consultancy Accenture and Havas Media´s Re:Purpose. Its survey of 30,000 adults across twenty countries on five continents found that 72 percent of consumers think that business is failing to address adequately or not at all today´s environmental and social challenges.

Global Consumer Verdict – Business Fails Taking Care of Planet And Society

This is the result of a new global study by consultancy Accenture and Havas Media´s Re:Purpose. Its survey of 30,000 adults across twenty countries on five continents found that 72 percent of consumers think that business is failing to address adequately or not at all today´s environmental and social challenges.

The report From Marketing to Mattering follows a 2013 Accenture report that surveyed CEOs on sustainability and which found that two-thirds of CEOs admitted that business is not doing enough to address sustainability issues.




Consumers clearly expect more from companies, from greater honesty and transparency to greater impact on global and local challenges and a more responsible stewardship of natural resources and the environment:

Wide Disparity In People’s Optimism
While Western Europe is pessimistic, the outlook in Asia and North America is more positive with the most widespread optimism in Africa and Latin America. In economies with a large, emerging middle-class, people are less skeptical and public confidence is significantly greater.

People Think Business And Governments Are Accountable
Whether optimistic (Asia, Africa, and Latin America) or despondent about the future (Western Europe and North American markets) people expect brands and companies to impact positively on their lives.

Consumer Consideration Of Sustainability Factors In Their Purchasing DecisionsCountries where respondents are optimistic, and express high expectations of business, are also more likely to consider sustainability in their purchasing decisions and actively seek information on sustainability performance.

Consumers Want Business To Address Critical Challenges
Job creation, economic growth, pollution, clean energy, and ending corruption to name a few. 81% of consumers expect more from their expenditure than the acquisition of products and services.


Evidently many business leaders have failed in embedding sustainability into their core business. Consumers are not engaged, not buying into and believing in superficial sustainability stories which often do not relate to their lives. Especially in Western Europe and the US, i.e. in those mature markets where they have been operating the longest. Certainly the trust factor – a crucial key ingredient for any credible sustainability initiative – might be still hampered by the financial crisis of some years ago. Persuading consumers does not do the job. Instead companies need to convince consumers in an honest and transparent manner.

When only 32% of consumers say they “often” or “always” consider sustainability in their purchasing decisions, quite obviously many companies are not in-synch with consumers´ needs and wants. How to earn consumers´confidence and engage with them effectively?

Companies should address the following six areas to better engage with consumers:

  • Business needs to finally understand and accept that people know more about products and companies than ever before
  • Today´s relevant brands must create products and services that make a visible difference to people’s lives while delivering on sustainability criteria
  • Companies should promote a holistic and long-lasting commitment to honesty and transparency throughout the whole organization. All departments need to be included. All levels and ranks. Be aware that consumers will actively look for information to validate any company´s “claims”
  • Business should match expectations for responsible business practices while delivering tangible improvements to consumers’ lives. It’s not enough to be seen as ethical or socially responsible. There has to be a personal benefit
  • Companies would need to communicate much clearer their purpose and relevance to society by providing real and specific examples. And not focusing on vague sustainability credentials, prizes, etc.
  • It all starts at the top. CEOs and senior management need to walk their talk. The times of glossy brochures, flashy presentations, and running after green prizes and awards are over. Fortunately.


On the one hand, there still seems to exist this huge sustainability opportunity for companies. On the other hand, and that is sad and disappointing, many companies have not been able to convince (Western) consumers in delivering relevant sustainability results.

What a paradox: Although CEOs consider sustainability as a route to growth and innovation which eventually will lead to competitive advantage, they do not fulfill consumers´ expectations in regards of their sustainability efforts. Although business leaders say they want to do more, reality shows they´re not doing enough; especially not enough meaningful things for consumers. Today’s citizen consumer has higher expectations of business than ever. She is asking “,What´s in for me“?

What do you think needs to change to narrow the gap between corporate intent and action? Join our discussion by leaving a comment below! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Andreas von der Heydt


Andreas von der Heydt is Head of Kindle Content Germany. Before that he was the Country Manager of Amazon BuyVIP in Germany and hold senior management positions at L’Oréal. He´s a leadership expert, innovator, executive coach and NLP master. He also founded Consumer Goods Club. Andreas worked and lived in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

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Author: peterjocis

Understanding: .................... Understanding disolves the pseudo dichotomies revealed by StarSteps, with scientific validation of the age old philosophies surmised by Walter Russell and Judge Thomas Troward, merging physics and metaphysics (Plato’s suggestion); Understanding the radius of curvature, symbolized by our ancestors with the circle & sine wave, un-hides the hidden variables, removes the foundational problems described in The Trouble With Physics, and as previously stated, leads toward self recognition of very advanced and practical solutions to contemporary “issues” on the tripod of reality - physical, mental/social, and the vague spiritual dimension revealed by the ‘zero point’ of no time, no space, also found in the realm of advanced martial arts and meditation. ......................... The statement from a well known book, “Let there be Light” is now enhanced with far more practical meaning: Light’s velocity, converted into an energy differential is the measure of the radius of curvature of all natural law; This same energy differential (VC) is the total energy contained in each and every gram of atomic mass. It could be said, everything we see and touch is light in motion or light stationary. ............................. . Evolution, unimpeded, does not create the conditions of today. .......................... Reference links: • StarSteps Part one • StarSteps Part Two • StarSteps Part Three • • • • .............................. Aside from the cold fusion, zero point, sympathetic vibratory physics and StarSteps pdf links provided in the original post, those interested in further exploration where the QC radius of curvature sheds credible insight: ............................ • Dr Brian O’Leary - The Sustainable Technology Solution Revolution: • The New Energy Movement • Cal Physics Institute - Zero Point Energy • Cold Fusion • Dr Paul LaViolette (subquantum kinetics) • Shedding light on Walter Russell

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