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CIA finally acknowledges Area 51’s existence – CBS News 8/17/13

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Are you still in a deep cultural trance? 

 Test Yourself   Are you entranced by Empire stories? Or have you been liberated?  It has been proven, when the blindfolds are removed from knowledge, wisdom and understanding, people will no longer act out or support systems behavior that destroys life and the planet they live on. There is no one today that cannot see what road to the future we are currently on, taking along our children and upcoming generations.

CIA finally acknowledges Area 51’s existence

CBS News) The CIA does not give up secrets easily, but it gave up a big one this week.

The spy agency acknowledged there IS an Area 51 in the Nevada desert. It did not say whether the test site houses space aliens or flying saucers — that decades-old debate will continue. No president since the Cold War would confirm Area 51’s existence. It took repeated requests from George Washington University to get the CIA to do it.

Located in the middle of nowhere, Area 51 has been at the center of some of this country’s most closely guarded secrets going back to the U-2 spy plane. The world has known about the U-2 ever since 1960 when one was shot down over the Soviet Union. But only now has the government officially acknowledged the existence of Area 51 in Nevada.


Area 51’s existence acknowledged by CIA in declassified documents

“I’m not holding my breath waiting for my invite to go to a media tour,” said Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week. He has spent much of his career spying on Area 51 to find out what new aircraft — like the F-117, the world’s first stealth fighter — were being tested there.

Back in 1985, when CBS News hired a small plane to go looking for the F-117, an Air Force jet suddenly came up to chase us away. But that was nearly 30 years ago.


Author: peterjocis

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