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The Right to Economic Justice – Must Include The Right to Science Freedom

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Repeated financial collapses, combined with bleak social and environmental impacts, have revealed the traditional model of “single-source capitalism” to be profoundly broken. The IIRC is now quietly proposing that it be replaced.


Right to Economic Justice


The Right to Economic Justice – Must Include The Right to Science Freedom

advanced transportation

An evolving civilization CANNOT stay stupid in the science of energy evolution and expect to survive


The New Economy Balance Sheet | The Nation 

A visionary approach to financial accounting could inject the values of fairness and sustainability into standard business practice.

Not quite three years ago, standing in an ornate hall of St. James’s Palace in London, Charles, Prince of Wales, laid out his belief that accounting can change the world. A longtime environmentalist, he told hundreds of politely seated leaders that annual reports were “not providing the information we need to tackle the major issues confronting the world economy today”: everything from an increasing global population to the overconsumption of finite natural resources, from pollution to climate change.

Prince Charles knew that corporations had been expanding their efforts to measure and disclose their impacts through sustainability reports. The problem was that companies were far more concerned with their financial reports, which had little connection to their social and environmental counterparts. The time had come, he argued, for the institutions that governed these respective efforts to seek common ground through a new initiative known as the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), whose purpose would be to lay out the principles through which sustainability and finance could be combined.

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We must never disconnect energy evolution from economic progress
New Economy, New Rules, New Energy Science.

As an aside: there are some who have pointed out that Tesla’s experimentation with the ionosphere very well could have caused the massive explosion over Tunguska, Siberia in 1908, which leveled an estimated 60 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers, and may even have led to the much maligned HAARP technology.  I submit that we would do well to remember that technology is never the true enemy; it is the misuse of technology that can enslave rather than free mankind from its animal-level survivalism.

Here is a video that offers an essential alternative view of ancient Egypt and other cultures that employed pyramidal structures, which suggests the staggering outer limits of what Tesla was attempting to harness and offer to humanity:

Author: peterjocis

Understanding: .................... Understanding disolves the pseudo dichotomies revealed by StarSteps, with scientific validation of the age old philosophies surmised by Walter Russell and Judge Thomas Troward, merging physics and metaphysics (Plato’s suggestion); Understanding the radius of curvature, symbolized by our ancestors with the circle & sine wave, un-hides the hidden variables, removes the foundational problems described in The Trouble With Physics, and as previously stated, leads toward self recognition of very advanced and practical solutions to contemporary “issues” on the tripod of reality - physical, mental/social, and the vague spiritual dimension revealed by the ‘zero point’ of no time, no space, also found in the realm of advanced martial arts and meditation. ......................... The statement from a well known book, “Let there be Light” is now enhanced with far more practical meaning: Light’s velocity, converted into an energy differential is the measure of the radius of curvature of all natural law; This same energy differential (VC) is the total energy contained in each and every gram of atomic mass. It could be said, everything we see and touch is light in motion or light stationary. ............................. . Evolution, unimpeded, does not create the conditions of today. .......................... Reference links: • StarSteps Part one • StarSteps Part Two • StarSteps Part Three • • • • .............................. Aside from the cold fusion, zero point, sympathetic vibratory physics and StarSteps pdf links provided in the original post, those interested in further exploration where the QC radius of curvature sheds credible insight: ............................ • Dr Brian O’Leary - The Sustainable Technology Solution Revolution: • The New Energy Movement • Cal Physics Institute - Zero Point Energy • Cold Fusion • Dr Paul LaViolette (subquantum kinetics) • Shedding light on Walter Russell

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