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New Economy, New Rules, New Energy Science

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Disconnecting  energy evolution from economic progress creates an extremely skewed vision of reality and the future

Perhaps a more practical, realizable, and applicable concept for the New Economy designs would include energy:

New Economy, New Rules, New Energy Science

Exploring LIVE TRENDS and designs of the “New Economy” Approaches

LIVESTREAM: David Korten on “The Role Of Universities In The New Economy” at University Of British Columbia

THE NONLINEARITY OF PHYSICAL LAW Crisis in Measurement – An Evolutionary Survival Criterion

PP 1928

“Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe. It is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.” —Nikola Tesla

The World We Envision – Clean, safe, abundant, inexpensive energy for all… stabilized climate… clean and healthy water, food, and air for all… beautiful blue skies over our cities… low-impact, sustainable forestry and agriculture… beautiful landscapes unspoiled by wires and smokestacks… recycling of virtually all wastes… rivers running free and natural… thriving sustainable local economies… living standards and education rates increasing… birth rates declining… a global culture of sharing… unleashed human creativity… a new and lasting era of world peace… With a revolution in energy as the foundation of renewed and loving stewardship of our planet, we can transform our world into a beautiful and healthy home full of promise, opportunity, abundance, and peace for all of humanity. New Energy Movement

The old spectacle of absurd theories with continuous unresolved disconnect between the Micro and Macro  worlds of science is  brilliantly presented by NOVA. Note the outlandish theories resulting from the failure to acknowledge the radius of curvature across the micro to macro energy levels of mass, size, space, time.
Quantum Mechanics: Fabric of the Cosmos | NOVA Science Documentary

Documentary Nova The Fabric of the Cosmos The Illusion Of Time

Dissolution of the Old Economy with the introduction of New Energy Concepts
“Incomes for the bottom 90 percent of Americans only grew by $59 on average between 1966 and 2011 (when you adjust those incomes for inflation)… During the same period, the average income for the top 10 percent of Americans rose by $116,071.”  The vast majority averaged a mere $59 more in 2011 than in 1966. For the top 10 percent, by the same measures, average income rose by $116,071 to $254,864, an increase of 84 percent over 1966.  Plot those numbers on a chart, with one inch for $59, and the top 10 percent’s line would extend more than 163 feet.  Now compare the vast majority’s $59 with the top 1 percent, and that line extends for 884 feet.  The top 1 percent of the top 1 percent, whose 2011 average income of $23.7 million was $18.4 million more per taxpayer than in 1966, would require a line nearly five miles long.  9/11 exploding questions and data    9/11 exploding questions and data

We all Choose between alternatives


Author: peterjocis

Understanding: .................... Understanding disolves the pseudo dichotomies revealed by StarSteps, with scientific validation of the age old philosophies surmised by Walter Russell and Judge Thomas Troward, merging physics and metaphysics (Plato’s suggestion); Understanding the radius of curvature, symbolized by our ancestors with the circle & sine wave, un-hides the hidden variables, removes the foundational problems described in The Trouble With Physics, and as previously stated, leads toward self recognition of very advanced and practical solutions to contemporary “issues” on the tripod of reality - physical, mental/social, and the vague spiritual dimension revealed by the ‘zero point’ of no time, no space, also found in the realm of advanced martial arts and meditation. ......................... The statement from a well known book, “Let there be Light” is now enhanced with far more practical meaning: Light’s velocity, converted into an energy differential is the measure of the radius of curvature of all natural law; This same energy differential (VC) is the total energy contained in each and every gram of atomic mass. It could be said, everything we see and touch is light in motion or light stationary. ............................. . Evolution, unimpeded, does not create the conditions of today. .......................... Reference links: • StarSteps Part one • StarSteps Part Two • StarSteps Part Three • • • • .............................. Aside from the cold fusion, zero point, sympathetic vibratory physics and StarSteps pdf links provided in the original post, those interested in further exploration where the QC radius of curvature sheds credible insight: ............................ • Dr Brian O’Leary - The Sustainable Technology Solution Revolution: • The New Energy Movement • Cal Physics Institute - Zero Point Energy • Cold Fusion • Dr Paul LaViolette (subquantum kinetics) • Shedding light on Walter Russell

One thought on “New Economy, New Rules, New Energy Science

  1. The asterisk, the emphasis, is on energy, a taken for granted definition, a definition still in its extreme infancy, incomprehensible to the general public by authoritative design. The required evolutionary application stages of energy (wood, coal to field propulsion) necessary for survival, got stuck in oil and other trivia. So everyone watches, “as things fall apart”, to repeat the only learning curve humans have demonstrated to date, “the rise and fall” of civilizations.

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