Sound Off: World Views and The Empowerment Factor

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Challenging Restrictive World Views Inhibiting Imagination and Creativity

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Challenging Restrictive World Views Inhibiting Imagination and Creativity

Sound and vibration
Stepping beyond the “box”, matter at its essence is but a frequency of vibration (Einstein). Light, as we now know through the expanded version of E=MC2, has an equivalency role in matter, representing the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter.

So instead of just transmitting “Pictures/light” in the air waves, when might we be interested in doing something more substantial, such as transmitting matter? The science of sound shows that sound is something more than mere vibratory signals, not only does sound interact with life but it sustains and develops it. Rumors and legends abound with the use of sound in the construction of Coral Castle and the Pyramids.

Revisiting our “flat world” concept of E=MC2 is in order to reopen the doors to our self imposed limits in science, which limit our reality, from our imaginations, to our creations.

Acoustic levitation

Published on Sep 12, 2012
Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have discovered a way to use sound waves to levitate individual droplets of solutions containing different pharmaceuticals. While the connection between levitation and drug development may not be immediately apparent, a special relationship emerges at the molecular level. Read more:…

Amazing Sound and Water Experiment (nice visual, how about for real?) ,

Elementary exploration and discovery: Enhanced Transmission of Light and Matter through Nanoapertures without Assistance of Surface Waves
Transmission of matter bypassing space/time requires a substantial upgrade in our understanding of space and time, both of which represents nothing more than energy differentials between specified points of reference.

How NASA might build its very first warp drive


The Alcubierre Drive  The Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel Within General Relativity
The idea came to White while he was considering a rather remarkable equation formulated by physicist Miguel Alcubierre. In his 1994 paper titled, “The Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel Within General Relativity,” Alcubierre suggested a mechanism by which space-time could be “warped” both in front of and behind a spacecraft.

In summary, warps and worm holes not required, just a simple ROC, the radius of curvature of all natural law – represented by the quantity C: A Power Point Introductory Presentation


Author: peterjocis

Understanding: .................... Understanding disolves the pseudo dichotomies revealed by StarSteps, with scientific validation of the age old philosophies surmised by Walter Russell and Judge Thomas Troward, merging physics and metaphysics (Plato’s suggestion); Understanding the radius of curvature, symbolized by our ancestors with the circle & sine wave, un-hides the hidden variables, removes the foundational problems described in The Trouble With Physics, and as previously stated, leads toward self recognition of very advanced and practical solutions to contemporary “issues” on the tripod of reality - physical, mental/social, and the vague spiritual dimension revealed by the ‘zero point’ of no time, no space, also found in the realm of advanced martial arts and meditation. ......................... The statement from a well known book, “Let there be Light” is now enhanced with far more practical meaning: Light’s velocity, converted into an energy differential is the measure of the radius of curvature of all natural law; This same energy differential (VC) is the total energy contained in each and every gram of atomic mass. It could be said, everything we see and touch is light in motion or light stationary. ............................. . Evolution, unimpeded, does not create the conditions of today. .......................... Reference links: • StarSteps Part one • StarSteps Part Two • StarSteps Part Three • • • • .............................. Aside from the cold fusion, zero point, sympathetic vibratory physics and StarSteps pdf links provided in the original post, those interested in further exploration where the QC radius of curvature sheds credible insight: ............................ • Dr Brian O’Leary - The Sustainable Technology Solution Revolution: • The New Energy Movement • Cal Physics Institute - Zero Point Energy • Cold Fusion • Dr Paul LaViolette (subquantum kinetics) • Shedding light on Walter Russell

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